Sunday, August 9, 2009

A spoonful of medicine

Thursday last week it finally went toxo - I finally got hit by green goo. After five weeks of being sick, the infection finally got me. Green goo turns into Pnuemonia, and that kills people. I'm not down for that trip. It was time to kick into medical overdrive. The doc had given me a script for antibiotics for just this occasion, which I duly found and filled. I had posted a 'I am sick of being sick' on facebook and was told to get "Olive Leaf Tonic" by someone I trust. I also grabbed a garlic, C & horseradish vitamin bottle.

Saturday saw David's 50th, so I decided I was going to also take 'the rum cure.' This involves drinking a lot of Bundaberg 'Bundy' Rum. The party was good fun, the generations meshed well and people were all getting along, and I was well and truly under the weather in the nice way. Around 10.30 I crashed out on a couch, and napped until around 1pm, then woke and found rufus going hard with a couple of the lads. We had a good old natter until about 5am, and then I crashed out till 11. David woke, and we played a little "Wings of War" (his present). We both looked at each other blearily, and decide sleep was the better part of valour.

Now it is Monday morning, and the goo is clear from the antibiotics, and I did some exercise this morning. I'm going to run out the medicines, and hope for a full recovery. Post viral fatigue can bite me.

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