Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ANUCON 40k event this weekend.

This weekend I am looking forward to play in the ANU 40k tournament. Everything is painted, lists are in, and I only have a tadlet more reading to do. If I had well, I might have tried to take a 'serious' list of Razorback mounted Blood Angels set to rip in. As my health was too delicate I simply got my Thousand Sons together with a couple of fun Obliterator conversions and a Demon Prince.

The list is highly unlikely to bother the top of the tables, and in my test games only ever got draws. So once I face serious opponents, I'll likely get spanked down to the kiddies end of the Swiss Draw pool. I have counters to horde and elite armies, but a heavy mechanised force will likely get through me fairly easily. And the chances of facing one of those is high.

One little toy I purchased with my tax return is a light tent - It is an especially crafted tent of white fabric that diffuses light sources from outside. Essentially, I put my miniatures, or other small objects, in the tent, set up my lights outside, and shoot. The diffuse light means the photographs will be much better than my usual haphazard efforts. I'm looking forward to getting it, and putting nicer pictures on this blog.


Abe said...

HEY, I'm in one of your current photos!

Abe said...

Three, actually!

YsambartCourtin said...

Well, you are a handsome man. And at the event where a significant chunk of people who might read this blog have met me, Birmo's launch.

Barnesm said...

The_Weapon would so envy your 40K painted figures collection. he is still struggling to get a squad of eldar striking scorpians painted 'just right'

A perfectionist painting minatures its a nightmare.

YsambartCourtin said...

Tell him that it gets easier after your first couple of hundred. Or maybe not, as that might blow a valve in a perfectionist brain :)