Monday, August 3, 2009

Last week

Last week was good fun. My brother Matthew was in town come Tuesday. I grabbed him and gave him the car while I was on a course. He went to the War memorial that day, and again with me the next day. I cooked a full breakfast, and Wednesday evening he and I had dinner with Abe Frelman at Debacle.

The day of wandering around the memorial had me exhausted, so we junked any schedule for the Thursday, and just chilled out and went and saw "Public Enemies." Matthew had a minor heart attack at two tickets being $34, as he was used to Balmoral & Southbank cinemas where a 10.00 am ticket would be $6.50 instead of $17.00. Hoyts gets about $60 a year out of me. Balmoral Cinemas got about $400. Who wins there? Anyway, after the movie we did some 40k stuff, and set up the tables for the next day.

Friday we went to the Canberra Zoo, my first visit. I didn't mind it, and most enjoyed the Capucian Monkeys antics. After that, we went back for a third tilt at the War memorial, this time finishing Korea and peace keeping. After that we grabbed Sui for more Hobby-Hobby.

Hobby-Hobby was a 6,000 per side Apoc battle, between Rog & myself for Chaos, and Matt, Sui and Michal S for the Imperium. It was a good game, but the loyalists couldn't drop the Titans, and paid mightily. Captain Lysander stood triumphant, but all around him was lost. We played till 01.30, and crashed and I woke at 05.15 to take Matthew to the airport for 06.00.

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Abe said...

Hey buddy, good to see you. Lets do it again and find someone else to do the driving.