Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rowany 2009

I've been whinging about no time - well, I'll turn that into no time to do it slowly and well. So here is a stream of conciousness run at Rowany 2009.

Okay the ruddbucks are turning into a van and they don't seem to be able to hear i'd like to get packed sooner rather than later and everyone seems to think i want it at the last minute but i'm packing this thing to the gunwhales so what's a gunwhale and have it even spelt that right, it sounds like a waterline mark for an old ship a jeepers this stream of conciousness thing really lets you get off on tangents and festival and packing and clearing the shed and a huge cleanup as everything i own is out and on the floor and being sorted and boxed and washed and then put in chests and trying to get to practices but mostly failing and commandeering the garage for it large dry flat spaces well it's off to the bakers to buy the van and looking at triumphs and cycles and pretty blue and nice gf with happy eyes and cool books and workshops and tools but that aside for wooden whino project once time is my friend and signing forms and talking price and when will the ruddbucks come and when will the cash be through and everyone has there stuff over and clare's stuff is picked up and last minute you want me to take what the fridge but that frakker is huge but it's for the household and we do need a fridge and the food will be yummy but that cuts down on my cubes and i wished i knew about that huge frakker before i said to others that i would take their stuff i bet i'll need to not take some of my own stuff now oh well it is now go and time to pack and sui is here and we are shoving stuff in at a great rate of knots boom astrids crappy storgae box has gotten old and shattered everything gets shoved in garbage bags there is not such category as fragile only 'underpacked' and we have shoved a fiddled and time for sleep.

now it's eight and the road and golburn and the bakery with the nice pies and the road and paulies and unload bedding and bits and tolls being prepaid and handing keys to the native bad luck on sydney driving i'm not from here and we have three on the road and two on the site and a quick hello to people and no toilets except via a walk and tuesday is unloading and setting up tents and shoving things in in case of weather it looks good but don't trust it and phone calls and organise eadwyn and phone calls and much later and heading back and grabbing the store mainlymedival and boxes of books and red white and blue chinabags a poles and setup and driving three hours and unloading and three hours and last trip and more bags and eadwyn and driving and darkness and many hours and LAJ food and sleepy and half zombie but eadwyn drove 13 hours so is more zombie and her stay awake went to sleep for 13 hours and idiot and unreliable scum but did she make it clear or was she wishy washy how can i know so i resolve to look him in the eyes tomorrow and stretchers and mattress and sleep

I'm up first as it's me and showering and then i'm throwing on coffee and reading awesome source books and art books and war books and coffee and magnesium and calcium for preparation for exhertion and garlic and vitamin c as i want to be soaked with vitamins and nutrients for maximum output and a big start and others are moving so it's time to make space and pack aedwyns bed and get moving and shopping and italian stovetop coffee for 40 that's a real price damn 100 in canberra bloody markup and rents and ripoff infrastructure failure and how can housing be like that when we are surrounded by land these people have no frakking idea how frakked they are because the standard is shyte but it's better than anyone else does my god humans are just shythouse and could find unity if their bums were on fire and get off that rant and the 95 percent rule you are with your gang of 5 percenters and there is stuff to do so we are packing the can and the renault and it is so cute when the airshocks lift and we are off i'm with LAJ in the renault and my legs are okay but my hair scrapes the roof and i have to incline my neck just so okay for three hoursbut never a roadtrip and laj and i fall into happy learned conversations of everything, i am her link to vox populi and she links me to higher learning and we find funny overlaps and she draws my observances and twists them in her mind to make connections and we can do that as well as silence and stop when she needs concentration and then we are there and it's unpack and layout and things in the tent and just as I do some basics it's household and there are people like burbage and setup and twelve tents and work crews and lifting and wierdly executive as I'm guiding rather than just doing and the younger ones are actually working there is something about numbers and matching i need to figure out hahah it looks a bit like a detail with eight troopers rufus and i as corporals and sargent david and officer matilde interacting with the command structure but it is really working and this stuff is getting up andi just keep going and goin until everything is up and the sun is down and my shield are quite wonky but they still say who i am and the sun is down and now it is time for bonding with rufus and walking the world and hello to the people i know and noting the years changes and meeting the new faces mixed in with the friends and there is a girl and big eyes and saucy and looks like wonderful but she wants to go party and i'm with that to an extent but i'm fading with drive miles and tent put up exert sore and hard word and drinking and sleeping wins as i'm fighting and she misses out as my full bed isn't camping and in five minutes i'm sleeping as i have science latex cold pillow and arm quilts uncessary and nice sheets.

Coffee and hello and catchup and check royals and chat friends and wander around and prep armour and cleanup and tent by the list field is now full of my armour and berengar and theodric
and blethan and everyone and new faces and kiwis and sweet. the fighting was cool challenges and scarii as the kings men and guardsmen getting bundled and stopping the others they were calling on the specialties and whipping the others i managed t stop all that and only one person could say 'i killed all the guardsmen' but then mason fell to a faceplate good on him for taking it was very close and his fight was quite skillful and straight from the manuals and i wonder who in the crowd would even apprecite the hand back and sabre and dancing with good energy he is now seeing pink and she is so cool and that is lovely for both of them. Tonight is the big feast with king theordric and queen engalund and great food and good chatter and everyone at a long table and 'the field rations around here are not bad' when the food is near four star and perfect and filling and thr drinks are flowing and happy talk and wander and sleeping.

Breakfast quite early and cleaning and setup and marshal tent and readiness and armoured and heraldic melee and yellow cloaks and round shields and cutting handles better and knights come a talking and calm down and jarls and brusi and 'let the others get their meat' and bastard sword and hanging back and slicing the challengers and simultaneous gasps and boos from the crowd at the casual ease of dispatch but i don't know them so i can't say whether they are guns that i have not yet met or noobs and my blindness means one slip and i'll be dead so i step engage, throw high and slice low and step and thrust body and block and prepare the headshot but only now can i be certain that it was a noob made that mistake before and died this time i look brutal but out of brutal or dead i guess i'll pick brutal the sword is a bastard sword and light as a feather i know it looks like i'm smashing but it's the illusion of speed and the sword actually weighs less that an single hander with metal basket hilt and 17 inches handle means unlimited swing i'll have to go shopping after new zealand and get better furniture gabs has it on sale and i want it to look good better than the bits of leather that keep breaking. So light lunch and no king or scarii at the warring so i decide to marshall there are only two steven and I so it's fair enough here is a time that could be used in other ways and in the middle of the fighting we get told to stop using our area as there is a medical emergency and teh helicopter is coming and we change to a near field and when the chopper comes down the armoured combatants requested a stop to watch the helicopter come in and it looks quite picturesque in the green valley and then we go back to the fighting and later drinking and carousing.

Hey, I only got to Saturday night. More to come in a bit.


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