Thursday, April 23, 2009

May Crown Schedule

2009 04 29 Wed : take Gnomes @ CBN airport by 10.00

2009 05 01 Fri: CBN airport @ 11.00 for 11.35 flight DJ1217 to BNE
2009 05 01 Fri: BNE airport @ 18.00 for 18.00 flight DJ 68 to WEL
2009 05 01 Fri: 11.45 arrival at Wellington for transport to site

2009 05 02 Sat: Win crown :) and attend victory feast

2009 05 03 Sun: WEL airport @ opening for 07.15 DJ69 to BNE
2009 05 03 Sun: BNE arrival @ 09.15. Get lift with Eva to Humph's

2009 05 04 Mon: arrive BNE @ 12.45 for 13.45 for DJ 1218
2009 05 04 MON: arrive CNB @ 15.35

2009 05 05 Pickups Gnomes @ airport 15.35

After this, two possibilities:
I have won, and things stay busy and get super cool.
I have lost, and I get to chill and catch up with everyone.

If I win, I win. If I loose, I win :)


You are being picked up by a driver from Co-op shuttles; they are a subsidiary of Wellington Combined Taxis. Their OPs room is open 24/7, so should there not be a driver, find a driver from the taxi company, tell them there should be a shuttle, and they'll be able to radio in and get one to you.You are going to Brookfield Scout Camp in Wainuiomata, information is in the booklet but the drivers should know where that is. And finally, the phone number to the site is 564 6076; there is no cellphone coverage out there. Nine of you, and all on the same flight. :-)


Chaz said...

Very busy there mate

Tina said...

Who's your consort?


YsambartCourtin said...

Heyo Tina! I don't tend to use real names on my blog, but nicknames. So my consort is Gnomes.

Tina said...

No worries. I just didn't know the nickname Gnomes. Her name is familiar, probably have met at an event somewhere.

Good luck for Saturday.