Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rowany 2009 Sunday till home

Sunday morning is war day and we are forming up as the scarii, the kings sworn bondsmen, lots of merovingian garb and yellow and red and round shields in geometrics and viking helms and chain mail and spears that look cool. sides and waiting and then piling in and crunching an awkward with new shield shape defence is easy but exposure to kill is hard so I just get lower to allow the spear to play but they are elsewhere and new and it's over and surrounded and stuck and next battle and this time get more physical and watch for people coming around and turn them and people strike in the gaps and it works better and suddenly boom and tumbling and get up and shot so take it and look around and eadwyn is down and not moving and blethan is noting and snapping her to awareness and no signals and helmets and strapping and stripping and undo and call medic and toni is calming and mother and asthma and i'm clearing the crowd and aedwyn leaving bundled. Next taking glaive and stabbing around the shield and ditch it and get kills and shot but that is the cost my one life for five kills and winning and with my king. More scenarios and lunchtim and returning and better places for fighting and undergrowth and forests and rock walls and foot footing, bad footing and marshall and making it clear what is the first rule and risk and who wants it and forts and sheridan and rules and repeating and what makes people brain fail with forts and forceful yelling and name calling and discussion and rules and stephen apologises and one must defend ones name whether it be a count or a knave. Sleep is a memory and court is forever and people are wonderful and the blur is a constant but the tiredness is happiness and chatting and bonding and peerages and secrets and singing and abbotsford and belt onions became belt tokens and codify and four sites and bethan and popped question and more time and auctioned by stephen and won by bethan and sleeping after fighting.

Next morning is preparation and tents and lists and fighter auction and draws and i drop first round to a noob and take on the next two poor toni and i draw and it's one shot and shes all upset i am the monster at the end of the level and button is on reset and i face bounce and we both take bastard swords and i get him in a fun bout then facing bran and my brain is okay but my body is slowing and it's a slugfest and can't land the thrusts and i take his leg but he turtles well and we double kill and i'm sluggish and he predicts well and puts wrap around me by stepping I know I was aptterning and i know it but feet are heavy so i strip my armour and go to the tavern and talk blah blah with people moday is the first day i hit the tavern since it's been open and I chat to toni and scott and talk about home stuff and issues and prespectives of foreigners and they shoot straight like the good friends they are you need perspective from distance and john john and astrid and have a go with their friend but no go don't whinge about no nookie and then say no to an offer without someone taking the mickey and couldn't have done much anyway and go back for napping and then around the table get told good news by the king about knighting and northern war and travel and queensland and chatting with bliss and spyder and catchups and reputations and chef temper and coffee and sleep time and rufus in my bed pretty funny. 5 days fighting in a row.

And Tuesday is packing and storage and faile dphones and leaving the fridge in the storage and repalce at home and steel and pacing myself and others and astrid with carts and sui next door and stacks and loading and rufus and delays and finally getting on the road and raining and my room and driving and home and sleep.


Flinthart said...

Good night, sir. I'd say you earned your rest.

Abe Frellman said...

And all without taking a breath!

Cooked pork belly today for mother's day. So bubble n squeak for dinner tomorrow.

Will be finished uni for a while in about a month if you are keen for a home cooked meal? Will be doing a cassoulet at some stage or could be convinced to do another p.b. if you like.

YsambartCourtin said...

I think a second tilt at pork bellies sounds good.