Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Crown start

So we are dealing with a 20kg baggagee and 7 kg carry on and 25 kg of armour and no clothing other than so underwear and an extra linen shirt the weight is stupid low when we are doing this sort of activity and $10 a kg = die in a ditch the bastard airlines make is so restrictive and we know that half of the security is bs after the rampaging bikies showed everyone that airport security is a bad joke man I wish that industry would get itself together so I've got it all packed and it's in my cricket bag as that is the only one big enough to take my heater and now it's the airport being driven by astrid who is taking my Yaris for a few days and i sit in at checkin and i've forgotten my damn passport and dr nick does a mercy dash and then there is more shenanigans as what i had heard was incorrect about 23kg and so it's all wrong and i repack my bagge and there is nothing that's working and i finally get it all done and forget about my toiletries and there is a knife and some scissors so i'm about to get bounced for that so i ask about posting them back to myself but as i'm happily sutrprised that the staff memeber was super helpful and offered to hold it until i got back saving me a lot of time that is so handy and now i'm running and it's virgin so the hosties are wonderful and tell the mild jokes and everything goes smoothly so then it is brisvegas and the airtrain and central and we get off and head off to govindas i've picked up a buddy who produces at comedy festivals he's just finished fringe and melbourne and soon off to wellington comedy festival young and stylish so we yap and he loves govinda's so then it is walking to southbank and toes in the sand and peeps playing volleyball in the water and train back to airport and shopping and I find Miss E's perfume and it's Anna Sui then meeting with g & m in the gift shopand the floz crowd and the rh crowd and flight is okay and then we are waiting around for the bus and for people to clear customs and it's allfun and then we get into the event and it's sign in and hellos and silent in the room as stanzi is protective and gabs is sleeping so i set up and then wander off and say hi to wanderers and then the tired finally hits me and i slip off to sleep under a wolf blanket and my orange wool beanies over my eyes.

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