Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Crown pt 2

So I wake and get into my under armour bits and wander off to the tail end of the seneschals meeting and it's stanzi and a couple of locals and we talk methods and so such and then it's wander around to people and chat and catchup and see who has changed and who hasn't and then it's walking the field and prepping a space and lunch. then it's running around with squires and little courts and big courts and presenation and more chatting and catchups and crossovers as the lotr swordmaker chats with chaos party animal and i'm in the middle and smiling and then there is armour time and processions and banners and stephano's apprentice who cooked great herb soup holds my banner and he is in scullery clothes and embarrassed and I calm him and say it's all fine and he flsushes red and doesn't believe me so runs off to find finery then it's announcements and picked for the kings side with wulfgar and peers and viscounts and knights. The rounds progress evenly and straightforward bouts against opponensts who aren't used to movement and third round is a bye so progression then gabs and try to outstep him and we use all corners of the list field and I have an opening but there is a marshal huddled in the corner and my blade might hit him so i step back and tell him to clear and then chase and use all the corners and double legging and take position and we rumble about eight blows and my shield arm is taken and it goes behind me i can't quite get a parry riposte his edge is just making it and finally i take too little power out of a blow and that's one down. Then i face another bout a tall blonde lass who is in a little shock to have made this round and i get close and make sure of it in one blow and pull out of the second. The bye is quite funny i try the troy maneuver with walking then leaping and gabs roars but my opponent blocks it and then we rumble and i'm laughing too hard and miss the blocks and the gentle i got in first round dispatches me after legging in the bye-fight so then it's time for asbjorn and i have a plan to go left and throw good stick but it lands behind the shield so 'who knows' then going left i stand on his foot and reset and head right and he gets a scraping faceplate and that's the end of that. The final was not pretty but it was the right result and gabs is prince and soon to be king and we talk turkey and i get a cool job lined up pending this and that and it all works out well.

then there is more chillout and chat and courts and handovers and speaking and then it's feasting. The hall was boiling, to hot for busted liver glandular fever boy so i take a place outside on a table and chat to the passers by ad the servers who always seem to have more fun than the people in the hall it's all about focus and work shared work makes for experiences shared and that makes for bonding so words flow but at a table you try and force it and so there is courtliness and yoshi is now and drinking and cigars and sharing and fireside with papa yarnulf and happy chatting and vigils and babies and freedom and drinking and sleepy and 4 am waking and leaving stephano.

Then its airports and waiting in lines and napping and gentle prods and kiwi dads gently instructing their broods in a way entirely unlike australians and virgin and same crew as on the way over and similar but not the same jokes and duty free midori and wild turkey american honey burbon by the litre and eadwyn and maccas and calls and humphrey and gaming and reo bar stabbing my foot and bleeding and bandages and back to gaming and codexes and plans and catchups and amazing scenery and depth charges with finbar and pizza and the deck and house on the hill and i'm a little girl who thinks she is ceasar and murdering the other palyers but i'm defeated and my minion servants only drop two and the game is over then updates and gmail and off to the cinema and it is imax size wolverine and it's good stuff with heaps of people and action and it meshes well with the other movies and i liked it and as usual it makes me want to go to the gym and not be such a lazy so and so.

Eadwyn headed off home after the movie and we found the rooms and an hour later found the casino cafe where we had food and beers and red and swapped stories with miss peake and then it was time for the room and bunks and sleeping i woke early like 7am and went for a wander and found a lan arcade and cleared my mail and played some cs for a couple of hours and came back and the lads were still asleep so drew a bath and luxuriated until i heard noise and then they came to near ten and i called will and cidy and we met in the city for breakfast at a nearby cafe and they talked london and job prospects and finding work and draughtsmen and she is in retail so anywhere could work that has work for him and no ties to brisbane just employment and promise for him to come down and sort that then drive back and memorial and photo and return car and hassle free and luggage and lateness and running and nearly last on and flying and canberra and station wagon taxi and dropoffs and home.

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