Monday, February 16, 2009

FPS Foodies : Curried Salmon

"Food you can cook in a map change"

Gently heat a tablespoon of butter, and stir in teaspoon or two of curry powder. I like Ayam best. When you have a curry powder sauce, empty in a 425 gram tin of Pink Salmon. If you like your food wetter, don't drain. If you like your foods drier, drain the liquid. Stir the salmon into the curry sauce. All this is done on medium-low heat. When the carbs are ready, pour a serving of curried salmon over the top.

Carbs - Curried salmon goes best with rice, and is nice when potato crisps are used as the spoon. Carbs that can be subbed in: bread, well drained noodle, mashed potatoes.

"FPS Foodies" is a regular feature that I'm hoping to include in the blog. The restriction on gamer food is that the food has to be done in a single map cycle (20 minutes), or using only map changes (~3 minutes). The recipie also has to be able to be followed by someone with VERY limited culinary skills.


Flinthart said...

Didn't I cook something... you know... REAL at you blokes last time I was in Canberra?

God, I hope this recipe tastes good to you, because otherwise there is no reason for this concept even to exist. The potato-chip spoon is particularly frightening.

It's probably appropriate that the spam-captcha word I'm facing is 'bilitic'. From here on in, 'bilitic' is going to describe how I feel about curried tinned salmon over rice, eaten with a potato-chip spoon.

YsambartCourtin said...

Step up to the plate! Twenty minutes from go to woah, able to be cooked by a culinary moron. I'm willing to learn. I watched you cook that salmon in amazement, and thought "Even with all the ingredients in a row, I couldn't for the life of me remember the order in which to do all that"

YsambartCourtin said...

Note to new readers: Flinthart is a REAL foodie.

Anonymous said...

We'd better get you over for a decent meal, Bartski.

Flinthart said...

Okay... leave it with me for a bit. Gamer food: some pre-work acceptable. Must be able to be brought to on-the-table stage with a last ditch effort of maybe two minutes.

And obviously, we're not accepting pre-made microwavables, else there'd be a host of curries and the like sitting right here already.