Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FPS Foodies: Dim Sims and Veggies

"Food you can cook in a map change"

When your map finishes, run to the kitchen and set up your steamer. (2 minutes)

Next map change, throw four dim sims and a large serve of mixed frozen veggies into the steamer and start it. (2 mins)

On the third map change, dump the dim sims in a bowl and pour on soy sauce and Tuscan seasoning over the top. Chop the dimmies, and ready them in stabable pieces. (3 minutes)

Eat and enjoy while not even missing a map. Yeah Yeah.

New piece of equipment: A Steamer. A steamer is a great piece of equipment for the gamer cook. You can let it do it's thing and there is nothing to watch, and will not 'burn over' or anything of that nature. Cost of a steamer is approximately one third the cost of a new game, which means real value for money.


Flinthart said...

Aarrgh. Eckh!

Over-steaming of veggies is horrid. And frozen dim sim/dim sum are equally horrid. There just has to be a better way to handle this, Bartski...

Okay. Wait. How much pre-gaming prep are you permitted?

YsambartCourtin said...

Let me set the scene. You are playing FPS shooters. There are two time periods where you can interrupt you 24/48/36 hours of straight gaming.

One is map changes. This is the 1-3 minutes where the round finishes up, a results are posted, and each player loads the next map, a quick 30 second warmup round is played.

The other is is to miss a whole map. Maps generally last 20 minutes.

Before you start you have time for a normal, healthy meal. FPS foodies is for the time when you are on a roll, completely obsessed, and don't want to get away from screen for any more time that you have to.