Monday, February 16, 2009

Secrets and exercise!

I'm out of the habit of secrets, need to get into the mode. Fear not, gentle readers, nothing bad is afoot, but a happy but secretive motivator has come into my life. Speculate away in the comments field, digital friends, you exhortations and delving queries will be tests of my new resolve to respect the furtive desires of this new agent.

One of the things I can mention with impunity is my renewed exercise plan. I fought heavy combat and fenced at the Valentine's feast on the weekend. The cool change had come, it was not enough to make up for the inactivity during the six or so weeks of wicked heat. My body was sluggish, and my mind was screaming instructions my body simply refused to carry out. The time is now for real exercise! May Crown in NZ is only a few months away, and I want to be in good condition.

I have started daily pilates ball routines, to fix my abysmal core strength. I've always had good strong arms and legs, but my abs and core have always been a let-down. The house has the weight bench to keep the muscles going along, and I'm keen to get into better routines of golf with Teck and the poker lads, and Geocaching with Sui.

My main fitness struggle has been finding an interesting aerobic exercise. I find sprinting, chasing the ball, shooting hoops, bowling, heavy combat, etc interesting, and obtaining the skills fun. All those activities are anerobic, using explosive energy. The aerobic, long range, long time period stuff just didn't hold my interest, such as middle distance running or lap swimming.

Geocaching is about right - Sui and I can set a good marching pace, and the hills means that the heart gets going. The bushland scenic thing isn't big for me, but it does beat the view of marching/ running laps on an oval. I'm very ordinary at the hunting at the end, so I would never solo, but marching with and chatting to Sui is good fun, and I don't think he minds how useless I will be at the hunting. And while vigourous, it doesn't wreck any of my broken bits.

Well, this is one of those entries that is written over a day. Since I started, I was thinking about how to best exercise in the office. I just did a bit of stairwelling - simple easy, but ohhh yeah does it sort the legs. It's only an 8 story stairwell, but a couple of up and downs sure sorts me out.


Chaz said...

Hmm sudden exercise and secrets eh? A new woman? or have the SASR finally accepted your application?

YsambartCourtin said...

The exercise was always planned to assist the assault for May crown. And the glandular fever thing meant exercising while the mercury was above 30 could have leant to a glandular fever relapse, which would have ruled me out of May. Serious illness doesnt end your life, it just make the timings a bit tighter.

Chaz said...

May crown does if you pardon my comment sound a bit gay. I'll ask Lerm he's bound to know!!!

Okay in that case lets go for state liberal leader prior to overthorwing the evil Capt Blight

YsambartCourtin said...

If to you a boxing prize title fight is gay, or a martial arts championship is gay, I guess May crown is going to be gay to you.

Sweaty people dressed in metal armour beating each other with sticks in single combat.

Still, on the gay scale I guess it's still under any code of football.

Chaz said...

'Sweaty people dressed in metal armour beating each other with sticks in single combat.' what no AP rounds?

Also this is happening in winter in NZ right? Won't the armour rust?

YsambartCourtin said...

When you are wearing as much armour as we do, the colder the better until about freezing. I would always rather fight in the cold than the heat.

I essentially play heavy combat as my winter sport and cricket as my summer sport. Armour in summer is foolish.