Saturday, February 13, 2016

20160214 Roman Helmet Modification

Roman Helmet Modification

Last year I purchased a stainless steel and brass late Roman Cavalry helmet. I padded it out, and went to use it, and found that it was illegal. It needed modification around the ears, as one of our swords could still get a blow in. I didn't have a workshop, so the fix went on hold for almost a year. 

Over the last few days I have finally gotten all the bits together. It needed the throatless shears to cut the steel to the right dimensions. It needed the belt sander to smooth the steel. It needed a range of hammers and tools to place the rivets, and it needed the table space and the rivets.

All of these factors finally came together, and I was able to place the added safety bits to just under the ear. They may be hard to see, even in a photograph designed to point them out. That is excellent, as they were not there on the original helmets. 

The last step has not yet been done - I used mild steel, so to prevent rust I will paint the extras black, so they fade back even further.

The work is quite rough, as I have not done a project from scratch in almost ten years, but everything will work, and I believe it will be quite safe.

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