Wednesday, February 10, 2016

20160210 Define Refine Accelerate

20160210 Define Refine Accelerate

Taking the basics of the designs I developed a few days ago, I then customized the display board to match each of the lists available in the back of the book for Chain of Command. This will allow customers to buy a single flames of war platoon from Aetherworks, and base and model them in order to play Chain of Command. 

A platoon and display board to allow you to play a side should come under $40, which means two sides, two display boards and the .pdf rule book from the TFL website should come in under $100.

In an age where many rule books are well over $100, this is a veritable bargain, and will hopefully accelerate the Chain of Command scene. Here's hoping!  

I am quite tired after my efforts, I might add a photo here later.

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