Thursday, February 4, 2016



Miniature Painting rewards methodical action, patience, and precision. I see it clearly that I will not ever be a truly great painter due to my admitted lack of patience, and although greatly improved by years of practice, I am still lacking in physical precision. However, I can get organised, and I do get rewarded for that.

This layer is red ink. I went and got a reference image off google images, and just chose one of the first ones to appear. As many know, I am a sucker for bright colours, so I went with a bright scheme. This scheme build up from a red fabric, and has orange and yellow armours over the top. I have added in the red fabric as an ink layer first. Later, I will add heavily pigmented 'base' layers over the armoured plates. You may notice that I have 'missed' a lot with the ink - I can clean this up as the heavily pigmented paint will cover the misses. GW used to call these colours "Foundation" and I think they have changed them to "Base". They are a gift to the bulk painter, and I really appreciate them.

Thinking about timing for the website, this 'pass' took about half an hour.


I continued on with the tracks on some of the 15mm figures. I simply added a metal to the running gear. Less than ten minutes. Looking at the base colours, I am caught between another coat, or some "Typhus Corrosion" to add to the roughed up colours.


I mentioned a few of my painting heroes. I would like to show a few works. Victoria Lamb brought high art techniques such as directional lighting to out art. I have not yet had the patience to try it, but I am stunned by how incredible this figure looks every time.

Bobby Wong has incredible precision. This Sci Fi figure has been modelled with a face that is clearly based on Russel Crowe - and it is about two millimetres tall. The figure is 28mm. It is incredible.

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