Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20160202 Belt Spray Improve

Belt Spray Improve


Today my creative effort was included hosting a friend in my workshop. Seth worked on extracting the plates from a coat of plates where the fabric had deteriorated. I worked on a medieval style belt. Today was the cutting of the leather, the attachment of the buckle and the end tip. moment.
Belt Buckle
I also painted the leather white. The belt style has the buckle and end tip on inch strips, and these are sewn to the body of the belt which is two inches thick.
End Tip

 Once it is fitted I will add more metalwork which will be to drape a sword and knife. I need to fit the item to the eventual owner first.
Buckle, end tip and strap, leather all painted white


Just before nightfall I also undercoated the Eldar figures that I assembled last night. In order to try and rush the project for bootcamp, the paint clumped a little, so I will not be able to do the smooth finish I wanted quite as easily as I had hoped. 
Eldar undercoated

Miniatures painting is all about passes / stages, and a bad early stage means the final result cannot be great. One of the key skills is knowing the little fixes, the big fixes, and when to write off the project. I have written off the project aim of 'super smooth ink examples' and will now end up as 'clever use of base paints and shading"


We had a few minutes left in the workshop session, and I decided to add a 'sharpie' holder. Wonderfully useful pens, they mark leather, metal, wood and fabric easily, and it is always great to find them quickly. 

I intend to add little helpers and sorters like this every time I get an empty moment in the workshop

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