Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oily Boy's SCA Von Becke Armour SORRY SOLD


James/ Oily Boy SCA Armour

History of the armour.

Summary: Well worn and long storage.

James is selling his armour as he is moving away from Canberra, and has decided that he will never be able to return for medical reasons.

James played for about five years, and stopped about ten years ago.

James has a fit, slim, strong build. He is about 5'7" or 170 cm.

The armour was all made by Master Sir Cornelius Von Becke. The age of the armour means it was made at approximately Merchants Medieval period in Brisbane.

James fought often. Five years of fighting and ten years of storage means that the armour needs maintainence. There is wear on the thinner metal, and a light coat of rust on all of the surfaces, and several pieces have pitting, sometimes to the size of a match box.

This pitting means the piece could not be brought back to mirror shine. It could be brought back to a very bright finish with cleanup hammer work and a complete refit and re-polish.

The strap leather, having been in ten years of storage, is very likely to be weather worn. I would highly recommend a complete re-strapping.

I do not know the provenance of the ackerton - it would likely been quite worn after ten years storage. It may not even survive a machine wash.

List of the gear:

The armour has a unified Germanic 1450-1500 feel, with the characteristic SCA "White Company" look.

Left and Right Leg Harness-
Five piece articulated legs, with an additional two pieces, being a thigh top plate and a back of leg plate.

Right Elbow -
An elaborate sword arm defence. Raised and fluted, lovely construction.

Left Elbow -
A minimal elbow, only for behind a shield. A simple construction.

Left and Right Forearms (gutters) -
Three quarter encasement gutter. Elaborate and fluted. These pieces match with the elbows to give a extremely high range of movement, and excellent look, and very small weight.

Left and Right Gauntlets -
These 15 piece gauntlets were shaped and made for excellent protection. They are exceptionally well articulated even after heavy use and the long weight.

Kidney belt -
Of simple multi-fold construction, this is a piece that could likely go straight on the field tomorrow. Frankly, I forgot to check whether it was steel - considering the age, that is highly likely, this was before plastics were common, and none in use were that thin.

Thigh plate -
A single thigh plate with a fold, and rolled edge. Not eleaborate, highly functional in stopping wraps. Leather needs replacement before use is possible.

Akerton -
I'm not sure who sewed it. Very 'standard' look. Fabric seemed okay - however ten years in a garage means it is not to be assumed it would evene give you a year before disentgrating. Could disolve on the first wash...

Sallet -
There are plenty of people who have wanted a Corny Sallet, but never wanted to wait for it to be made. Here is your chance... This sallet is of 12ga construction. It is of a squarish type, with four articulations in the 'lobster tail'. There is standard chin and lower face protection in black barwork.


Pricing ONE:
Take it all as is -  $1200 and you need to organise delivery from Canberra. James needs the money to help finance his move. Splits are not available. This "Take it all as it is" price will drop $100 once a week for four weeks. He really does want it gone. Who will twitch first? Payment will be needed in full and in advance of mailing/ on pickup.

Pricing TWO:
Basic polish - $1500 and Bart will give it all a basic polish and minor touch up. No rivets will be pulled or leather replaced. The cleaning process can not be guaranteed to be complete until February. Pickup from Canberra, or delivery organised to SCA Rowany Festival at no extra charge. Delivery All other lactions would need to be paid for by the buyer. Deposit of $1300 will needed to secure this, with the final $200 on pickup.

Pricing THREE:
Refurbishment - $2000. All rivets and leather will be pulled, the plates polished and re shaped by hammer, and the leather and rivets replaced. Delivery will not be available until Easter 2016. Deposit of $1700 will needed to secure this, with the final $300 on pickup.

You can secure one of these pricing options by being the first to email me a confirmation at

Please ask any questions via my Facebook: Bart Beswick.

I will try and answer as quickly as possible, but I do work!

Photos are on their way. I ran out of time to get them across.



(Sir Ysambart)