Sunday, December 13, 2015

Board Gaming Day 28th December 2015 @ Jolt

Board Gaming Day 28th December

Private Room @ Jolt Games

56 Hoskins St, Mitchell ACT 2911

10:30am til 10.30 pm!

Sui and Bart have been itching to get some board gaming in, but with Sui working weekends, and Bart working weekdays, it just was not happening. Christmas break gives the opportunity to have a board games extravaganza.

One of the side roleplaying rooms has been booked for all of the 28th. Come and join us for board games untill you can't.

Jolt has drinks, snacks and some food - Subway and other food shops are close.

Board games: Sui and Bart will bring a supply, but other games are welcome IF! AND ONLY IF! You are completely up to speed with the game and can teach it very competently and quickly to other newcomers.

Booked players and walk-ins:

We have a room limit of about 12, so approx two games at a time for six players. If we get 12 booked players, there will be no space for walk-in players. Jolt has other tables, and it has a board game library, so you should be able to get a scratch game going - but who knows how many people will be there?

Bookings: Bart SMS (0407 962 774) or Facebook messenger.

Booked Players:

1) Bartoleo

2) Tig

3) Sui

4) The Libster

5)Uncle MacMac

6)The Mystery Highly Caffinated American







1) Tom
2) Dr Nick
3) The Chinn
4) JayMac & Fam.

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