Thursday, April 3, 2014

State of Play April 2014

House - the flat is gone and all it's bit are in the house. The goulburn house still needs to be emptied. It affect everything, as we can't truly plan the new house till all the gear is over.

SCA: Easter is nearly upon us so focus goes to Festival. I have to remake a shield, and help make household tabbards. Multiple new polearms have been made - I'm going to enjoy trialling those.
Company of Saint Christopher: My thinking is all about recreating the 'that guy' (Ursula-Memling painting) outfit and armour. Discussion and research abound, after Easter I intend to get some sewing action happening.

My dislike of console controllers still rules my gaming. I enjoy them as media controllers and youtube drivers, but playing isn''t working for me. Next fix - a two player game for Tig & I

The return of the internet means I am in an online games frenzy. I'll catch ya later Minecraft, I'm revelling in running my doubles: Tank Doubles and MWOnline. With my tanks I am still finding TOG II matches hilarious, and I keep my arty eye in. I'm stuggling to re-teach my brain Battlemech piltoing skills after a no-internet gap. I have finally activated my founders premium, and filled my bay with extras of the founders mechs, and will try and learn them, and double them. My only other buy: I just HAD to get every single Locust. HAD TO. NO OPTION.
I had an interesting hand injury when moving house - it made my hand hurt to fly in WarThunder. Very odd. It'll sort itself out I'm sure.

Historical WW2: I have seen the historical light. Miniatures have a certain abstraction, and you have to sort of go with it. Chain of command mechanics elegantly keep things mighty real, and focus on the important part of the battle, the part where the critical decisions are made, and this makes it interesting and dynamic. Chain of command makes it work. I played a game of Bolt Action: It just felt like 40K WW2 and I didn't get inspired to play again. It's like factory white bread after a great fresh baked roll.
Apocalypse: I have my army available to play, but have not been finding the time. There is a plan for a big game - I'm not getting it together enough to be the organiser. I need Goulburn finished to have certainty - and that's not happening
Saga: I'm about to have an introduction.
Necromunda: The Jolly Green Goliaths are messing around in the underhive. It's fun and simple to play, and the superfast setup and packdown works with the current fluid state of the house.

I'm not iPhone gaming at the moment. I don't enjoy using the phone for longer periods of time. Short sharp bursts of FB, Pinterest or Gmail will do me.

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