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That Guy: Purchase and reference links

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Many thanks to Matthew, Arne, and Corny.

Arming Jacks and Aketons:


Construction Notes:

1. Collar construction, it is entirely different from modern garments by its integration into the back panel/s. If the garment is armour work over maile it is most likely not going to have a collar and will be quite low to avoid bunching at the back, as in "that guy".

2. Waist line, the waist line is much higher than people think. Below the floating rib, to the point where a idealised chap's form would head back out to his hip.

3. Sleeve head, the sleeve head to the back and front panels is a deep mounting, this cut away allows the sleeve to avoid tearing at the seam line and takes pressure from the garment.

Links - cheers Mr C!:

The Mail underneath:
Speculations drawn from the picture:
It is a 'vest' of mail - the jack chains and linen protect the arm
The painter forgot to include the mail - it is full sleeve
There is a light cloth cover under the arm.

Another contemporary example: Mail that does not go to the wrist:
Supplementary mail armour that does not go to the sleeve.
This example teerminates on the upper arm.
Brass edging suggests it is the same piece.
Shows that mail does not have to go to the wrist.

Discussion link:


Jack Chains supplier:
St George

Miscellanous Interesting Link:
Tent and Shrine

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