Monday, March 25, 2013

Tzeentch Helbrute Painting Plan

Tzeentch Helbrute Painting Plan 

I'm enjoying very bright miniatures, and quick ink jobs at the moment. The detail on these bad boys is great, so I'm leaving the amazing to the miniature. I have also just purchased some GW ceramite white, which is a foundation paint level white, which is great for corrections.

The assembly choice I made was to leave off the head. I think it looks more Tzeentch and creepy without a face in that gaping maw. It will also blend in with the spawn, as it looks like a mechanised spawn to me. "You have been granted two boons, young marine. First you will be a spawn, and then we will make you a dreadnaught". "You suck, Tzeentch." "I know, man, I know"

Once the undercoat has gone on, I paint the parts that are going to be metal black. Weapon parts go steel, armour goes gold.

I did the now 'usual' swap, and purchased a GW starter box, and a friend and I doubled up our respective contingent. He kept the marines, and I got a double dose of Chaos goodies. I did not feel like a complex conversion. To make them different but matching the theme, I decided to make one blue on gold, and the other gold on blue

The next step was to blue ink the body and do 'something' on the base. My bases are not decided yet, I'll put a theme together later.

The yellow ink chap looks VIBRANT. So vibrant, that the camera couldn't cope. Ahh well.

Here they are, side by side. The eye burning brightness of the yellow ink has a cool Chaos disturbing factor. Mr Blue ink is not quite as cool. In the future I may play with some of his surfaces and pick some details. He needs a little something something, but I have not yet decided what.
Bases are currently GW premixed texture paint "Armageddon dust" and foundation brown on the rims.

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