Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paint Schemes

One of the banes of being a miniatures painter with a very poor memory is that you paint things, and then forget the scheme when you get some more miniatures. This blog post will be an attempt to catalog my various paint schemes in a way that AI can refer back to them when more figures come along.

Russian Horde Bolt Action:

Black weapon steel and base. Dry brush chain mail. Nuln oil the chain mail.  Helmets gretchin green. Bronze flesh. Webbing, bags, stocks and hair Khemri brown. Fabric Yellow Ink. Glue rocks to base. Rock tops Mourn Mountain snow. Army builder STRONG tone dip. Then PVA the static grass.

Deathskull Winter Orks:

Black base, orkhide flesh, drybrushed gretchin green with final light scorpion green hightlight. Mouth mechandrite read, teeth bleached bone. Weapons painted tin pits then a 'directional dragging drybrush' of chainmail silver, then Nuln Oil. Face paint: Straight enchanted Blue. Bases: textured snow, then middenheim tufts then static snow. Rims are done half skull white and half Rackham aqua.

Standard Blood Angels:

Black Undercoat, then mechandrite red on the armour, followed by a whole figure bleach bone drybrush, then an inked level drybrush red. In the future, may consider an edging of kindleflame. Weapons are simply bolftgun metal and ink. Power weapons are enchanted blue drybrush ice blue. Plasma weapons are the same on the coils. Purity seals are foundation orange. Fluttering paper is skull white, then bone white, then brown ink.

Genestealer Cult Tyranids:

Black Undercoat. Drybrush the body of the figure bone white. Leviathan purple weak wash. Half mechnadrite red, half leviathan purple pick out of the external carpace bone structure and claws. Scorpion green tounge

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