Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They found my superannuation

I really lived the "He died with a Felafel in his hand" lifestyle, as documented by John Birmingham.

As a "I've lived in fifteen share houses and had ten jobs" type, my superannuation was all over the place. Plenty of small jobs had decent amounts of super with letters going to share houses I'd never followed up on. I have used this service to great affect. The fee is well worth it. (FMS)

They pulled all the files, gave me a pack of documents to sign, each with a clear explanation of what was going on and why. They gave me a comprehensive list they extracted from the Tax office. There were heaps of options I could pursue if I so desired, but the most obvious one "Please dump everything in my chosen account" was well documented and relatively simple.

I am not getting paid anything for this announcement, just relating a good experience I can recommend.

Interestingly, the Australian tax office (ATO) have a "Super Finding" service that contacted me via phone a short while after I engaged FMS's services. It did not list as many jobs and amounts of Superannuation as FMS had found. Tax Office - 3. FMS - 9

I hope that someone can get some of their own money back under their own control by my message.

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