Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The paradoxical commandments of government

Every once in a while a small document summarizes your challenges in an elegant, funny way.

The paradoxical commandments of government

1. The reward for doing good work is more work. Do good work anyway.
2. All the money you save being more efficient will get cut from your budget now and forever. Find efficiencies anyway.
3. All the bold reforms you make will be undone by the next administration. Make bold reforms anyway.
4. There is no time to think about improving what we do. Make time anyway.
5. Employees may fight the change every step of the way. Involve them anyway.
6. The future is unpredictable and largely out of your hands. Plan anyway.
7. The press only cares when something goes wrong. Share your success stories anyway.
8. Legal will never let you do it. Simplify it anyway.
9. If you develop your people they will move on to better jobs. Train them anyway.
10. Your ideas will at best make someone else look good and at worst get you ostracized by your co-workers. Share your ideas anyway.

Taken from: Empowering change: Fostering innovation in the Australian Public Service, Commissioned by The Australian Public Service Commission.


Dr Yobbo said...

For government read any bureaucracy you like - universities especially.

Barnesm said...

couldn't agree more

YsambartCourtin said...

Oh yes. I knew it would hit a lot further out than the Gov. Plenty of it applied to my Private Industry jobs as well.