Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurrah! & Boos...

Adelle: Hurrah!, and a new Android phone. Hurrah!

SCA: The Baronial process is done and we have Angus and Gwen selected. Hurrah! We are going to be making drastic decisions re hall hire & storage because we are not fund raising very well: Boo!

Movie: A friend is making a medievaloid short film. Over three weekends, we have it in the can. Now for editing, ADR, etc. My next contribution will be websites and marketing. Hurrah!

Adelaide & La Prova Dura. We didn't have the money to fly, or the inclination to drive alone. David and Katrina said 'road trip' and we agreed and booked. Hurrah! However, J. has developed severe Glandular fever ("Mono" for American readers.) So leaving him behind running a brutal fever and half dead is not happening, so that is canceled. Boo

Parents: My parents are coming down to visit Floriade. Hurrah! It looks like I'll be paying for a motel, as asking someone to couch surf just after glandular fever is a bit harsh - very minor Boo.

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Moko 2.0 said...

Short film?. Awesome. Let us know.