Sunday, June 20, 2010

Supernova Overnight trip

At the last minute I took up the spare ticket for Supernova.  It's the geek convention for comics, manga, sci-fi teev etc. I was never that keen in attending, but it was a road trip with a good crew, so why not? Adelle reveling in the end of exams, and was doing SCA workshop stuff all Saturday, and said that I was okay head off.

The crew was Dr Nick, the Womble, Uncle Ray-ray, Keefer, BK and myself.

The first run was Womble and I chatting about stickery jockery, Baronial succession, Kendo, when my wrist injury was going to heall enough to fight again, etc. And Dr Nick helped by snoring.

After Maroulan Keefer hopped in, and we got up to speed on happenings in QLD, and filled in our own ACT news services.

Arrival was done via a lot of wandering, and bitching about people from NSW not putting up useful signs. We walk a kilometre line, but that felt pretty good - I don't normally walk past 5000 people and fell trim and sexy. Thanks, geeks.

Once we were in on our pre-paid tickets, it was wandering around looking at stalls 20%, and going "Cool" to all the cosplayers 80%. Tell yah what, without the cosplayers it would have been pretty dull. I liked what the boys at 501st have done, linking cosplay with charity. Props, gang.

BK had never seen the "Bart knows people everywhere" thing in affect. As we were going for lunch, Numbat showed up, rescued us from the convention queue for food, and took us to a nearby pub. Win! (Later, when we randomly chose a pub in Sydney, the barmaid was a fellow Beswick. From ten metres away and not being able to hear, the gang thought I was trying to pick her up as I was yapping to her for five minutes and she seemed quite keen. Heh. One - I have Adelle at home. Two - I'm not Tasmanian!)

Next was more wander around the convention. It was okay, but I wouldn't rush to do it again.

After, we got a park near the hotel, and checked out our rooms. We called the MM crew but they already had dinner plans.

We just wandered around, and due to having an Alice in our party, decided to got to Alice's Thai restaurant. A cheesy way to choose and eatery, but it worked! Well worth a try, the Musulman curry is great. After this we wandered into the bar staffed by my discovered relative, discussed the Beswick facebook links, and had a few drinkies. As usual, I had one to everyone elses three, but the chat was good so I had fun.

We wandered slowly back to our rooms, and I stripped off and hit they hay. Not so early! Others had ordered pizza and a six pack, and so we had a room party. We watched Australia's first world cup goal, I explained why Kewel was sent off (I called it off the live feed - he twitched into it. Not much, but he did. ref saw what I saw) and we saw the equaliser.

After that it was 2am and ready to crash. Next morning it was time for some Ray-ray and the Audi ( He loved it when i said 'It sounds like a car from the movies')  Come Marulan the other way, BK, Womble and I hopped in the toe-rag and put on a obscure 90's collection we found on the way in. Hitting Canberra to the soaring strains of "Stay" by Shakespears Sisters seemed somehow right.

Once I landed I got texted that J had sprained his Ankle. I got stuck into the dishes, and J was amused that the best way to get him around was via piggy back from me. Home!

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Roadtrips are always awesome.