Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Kendo Dictionary.

At school, my only ever VLA (lowest rating) was in Japanese. The irony of having to learn it again for my sport is not lost on me...

Needed Now:

Yame -the command to stop

reiho (ree-hoe) - manners

Men (Men) - Head.
Kote (Co. - Tay) - Gauntlet
Do (Homer Simpson 'DOH') - Breastplate

Kendo-gu OR Bogu - kendo equipment.
Kamae - the basic forward standing guard position.
Rei - a bow
Ritsu-rei - a bow at the standing position.
Zekken - the name tag, made of cloth or leather and attached to the Tare.

Numbers 1-10

ichi  ni  san  shi go roku shichi (shi-chi) hachi  (hat-chi)  kyu (coo) ju   



Flinthart said...

I'm pretty sure that 'kote' is wrist or hand. The rest is pretty good. Oh, and the key to pronouncing Japanese is to sound every vowel. So "rei" is actually 'ray-ee' -- but pronounced quickly enough to be one syllable.

YsambartCourtin said...

You are correct - kote is both the wrist or hand AND the gauntlet that covers it.

I'll try and remember that pronunciation trick.