Monday, March 8, 2010


11-14 June 2010, BP Park, 68 Cash Avenue, Samford, Brisbane.

The might of the Northern, being the Baronies of St Florian de la Riviere & River Haven, and the Shires of Bacchus Woods and Willoughby Vale, issues this: we declare WAR on our Southern Enemies! We CHALLENGE all who would take the field against us to join us for 4 days of War, Feasting, Tourneys,
Archery, Rapier, Jousting, Massive Flaming Siege Weapons, Markets, Collegia, Tavern, Games, a Fighter Auction Tourney (Heavy & Rapier), Pirate Party, Dancing, Feats of Skill & Strength and much more! This is a fully catered event.

Baden Powell Park (BP Park) is 15km North West of the heart of Brisbane in stunning Samford Village. The park offers ample camping amongst picturesque grassy, shaded grounds with modern amenities. This is a fully catered event from the Friday night Ring of Fire Tourney until Monday lunch during the Fighter Auction Tourney.

Times: Site Opens 9am Friday June 11th and closes 4pm Monday June 14th, 2009.

Event Costs: See booking form on our website. Payment secures booking. Book early to avoid price increases!

Accommodation: Camping & Limited bunks available for wayfarers. See booking form.

Event Steward: Lord Dimitrii Borodinskii (gnw at
Bookings: Lady Josseline de la Cour (gnw-bookings at

The website contains any event updates, booking form, information booklet and any other relevant details.

We hope to see you there!
Dimitrii & Lorcan.


javaira said...

Right in the middle of exams. :(

YsambartCourtin said...

I've already said I wasn't going. I was putting the advert there for when people ask about it.

javaira said...
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javaira said...

Well phew, the thought of a few days with out you is quite scary and luckily I have no interest in flaming siege weapons, war, pirate parties, fighting, markets, more fighting, dancing and great company.

So missing the actual event isn't a problem.

YsambartCourtin said...

Heh. Yeah, who would want THAT stuff? The flame tournament is so cool... I just haven't had a good relaxing cold long weekend without shoving an event or event preparation into the mix for a long time. If there were no exams, I might have been tempted.