Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paintball and flu recovery

I knew my condition was low. Two weeks of doing nothing because of the flu. I was feeling better, So I went and played paintball. Not run, sprint, duck and roll paintball, but casually wander from cover to cover paintball. Take a knee occasionally. Take a prone position about twice. Break out in a rambling trot a couple of times. Nothing fancy, nothing straining. It was great fun, good bonding with the lads - a half SCA lads, and half a group of 18 years old friends of one of the guy's sons. We had them in the dorito ball, they had superior crawl around in the bush fitness. Like, ANY crawl around in the bush fitness.

My favourite was a good defence scenario with Mr C, five teams of two, and we managed to win, but not by hiding out (tho we did have the best cover) but by getting two each. We then gave them a 8 V 2 game and got done like dogs :)

My ankle (the volleyball problem child) was swollen, but that was to be expected. I slept well that night, was a little tired on Sunday, enough to have a afternoon nap, but nothing too outrageous.

Next morning - OMG. My left arm, shoulder and side of neck were ramrod bolts of immovable steel, and movement just pumped pain into my head. I couldn't move with half of my body and everything hurt. I called in ill, and just rolled in semi consciousness. Around ten I could get to the shower and grap anti- inflams and painkillers. It was about one bfore I could move my neck. Nick found me some Voltaren, which put me into smooth motion, and I got to sleep that night okay.

Tuesday was fine, only a little sore, worked okay. Didn't get much done afterwards, but so be it.

This morning it was back. I've limped myself to work, but by goodness I hope Gina answers her damn messages and can help put me back together, becuase this agony is very ordinary.

The flu is just the flu, but the after effects this time have been bloody annoying. Wiped out for more than two months. I am so fracking over it.

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