Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back, Shoulder Arm Treatment

Well there are now better guesses as to what is going on. Gina got to have a play this time - first time she couldn't even touch my back without flinching. The current guess is that there is sheath damage to the nerve that runs from the spine to under the shoulder blade, to the left arm. It explains why I couldn't find a rest position, and it explains the pain.

Voltaren 50's from the doc, and Mycendol means that I actually got sleep over the weekend. I'm off to Gina's in just a few minutes to get cranked again. I made it to work, and got through the shift okay. However, I'll have to change my pain management - I just hit the recommended limit on Mycendol and have no interest in back effects - but I also have a great interest in making sleep possible.


Flinthart said...

Ah. Nerve compression stuff. Nasty. Side effect of a weekend in armour?

YsambartCourtin said...

Paintball. Make the classic two handed rifle position - Think about the the 'strain' on the left hand to turn it and make it that un-natural flat platform. That 'slight strain', is instead, cringing agony.

My remedial therapist has it mostly relaxed off, now it's just the nerve fixing itself.