Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wheels fell off...

Sui and I went down to Melbourne on a combination adventure. He needed
to move a van load of his possessions from Canberra to Melbourne, and
I wanted to do the SCA invest - devest. We took my Ruddbuck$ van down
due to it's carry capacity. I have a sweet little Toyota Yaris for day
to day driving, and the Toyota Hiace Van for when I need the cubes.

We had just got the van, and Sui's price was paying for the NRMA (car
accident service) $50 and the fuel.

We got down okay, seven hours to the outskirt, $150 in fuel, to the
plan. I enjoyed the event and the socialising and the good food. I
especially enjoyed the treat of getting a free trencher from the
cabaple hands (/lathe) of Waldo. Thanks to both Vandal and Wystan for
putting me up for Friday and Saturday night. Sui got all of his stuff
loaded in the Van on Saturday and made it to the event after all that.

Sui and I left 9am Sunday morning and were making good time. 20 km out
of Albury we get a vibration, and both start peering at the road,
wondering about the surface. Then there is an almighty bang and we
both say "It's not the surface." Traction and drive-ability remain
good. I point to a good spot on the side, and Sui says "With that
already" and we roll to the verge. And the wheel went rolling by...
for about 200 metres, missing all incoming traffic and ending in a
field across the road.

We hop out, clearing the brake drum from the road, and then walking
across the traffic and fetching the tyre. It was in excellent state
other than not being attached to the car :) We then called the NRMA
and a tow truck to put it into a workshop. While waiting we called our
peeps. Then Sui had the brainwave - hey, we would be first, any chance
of a rescue? Luckily there were two chances at least, and it turned
out that Stephen and Matilde were able to clear enough space for the
two of us, and we got home to Canberra okay. Sui is on Uni holidays at
the moment - so next phase will be Sui to get a bus or lift down once
it is fixed.

I rarely include photos in my blog, but this deserved two :)

Notice five bolts are missing...

Sui fetching the tyre from 200m down the road.


Brigid said...

have the original post you made if you want it back - I read your blog generally as an rss feed to my LJ. Will email you the content.

YsambartCourtin said...


Honore de Corbeau said...

Eeysh. Glad you got home safe.

Bangar said...

More excitement than needed I think.

Anne's Stuff said...

Glad to hear you both made it back safely.

Sir Phil said...

Of course only this would happen to you Mr Bart! :)

Well done on living!

YsambartCourtin said...

And Sui :) Sui and my forces combined make this sort of adventure probable!

Flinthart said...

A wheel fell off our VW bug once when I was a kid. Horrible f__kin' noise. Scared my mother sh_tless when the wheel went bounding past the car...