Thursday, March 19, 2009

A very couch club birthday

The couch club is roaring along. A fortnight ago Dr Nick did Hungarian. Paprika chicken, and the next morning Paprika eggs. Dr Nick had been learning from FOMOHS, simply watching at mealtime and chatting to the various collections of nona's who wander through his little one's life. The company was good, with Caera bringing her sis. Those two rumble like little brothers, thumping and punching and wrestling. We also had Alex G, who recently quit his job and was on a tour, spending his termination pay on a road trip. We went and saw Watchmen on opening day. Simply awesome.

This weekend is my birthday weekend, and Astrid has stepped up to the plate. She has also drawn on the power of listening to grandparents, and is doing Norwegian. Dinner - Smoked cod in white sauce with steamed veggies. Dessert - Blotkake - N/w b'day cake layered with cream and berries. Breakfast - Pannekake - sweet or savoury pancakes like crepes layered with fillings in between and cut like a pie. Sweet = berries and cream, savoury = bacon, onion and Jarlsberg cheese or pickled herring and Jarlsberg cheese. Awesome!

Couch Club is where a few friends get together on a weekend, and someone cooks and then we watch movies or music clips. The cook keeps to a style or country. So far : Italy, Tex/Mex, Middle East, Hungary and Norway.

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Nautilus said...

I am liking the sound of couch club, particularly when someone else cooks!

Happy Birthday for the weekend!!!