Sunday, January 18, 2009

Couch Club

Couch club involves finishing cricket around 6ish, grabbing my friends such as Astrid (portrait Gallery), and Sui (Glassworks) who do weekend work, picking a country, making food from that country, grabbing alcohol etc. appropriate to that country if possible, and grabbing two movies. By tradition we watch the first one and fall asleep in the middle of the second one. Then in the morning they wake me and I drive them to work.

Couch club has so many naughty possibilities, but actually involves exhausted people being exhausted, well fed, happily tipsy and tired in good company.

Astrid sensibly avoids my snoring by sleeping in Dr Nick's bed (who is in Sydney, visiting the little one). He said it's comforting to come back home to girl smell on his pillows :)

Countries/ Regions complete: Middle East, Italy, Mexico.


Anonymous said...

i love coming home to guy smell on my pillows..

Flinthart said...

It's not the smell. It's the drool. Bleakkh!