Monday, January 19, 2009


Mr Y. wants something from you, anexpert. You clear some time. You say that their obligation is to call you at a set time. They fail to do so. You organize something else for the afternoon. They crack the sads.

Um, die in a ditch.


Flinthart said...

Oh, absolutely. And rot. Been on the short end of that fucking stick too many times. I've also been the one in need of assistance - and when I can't meet the agreed timetable, I always make a point of communicating, explaining, apologizing...

Doubtless your Y has a different take on the matter.

Girl Clumsy said...

Much sympathies with this. Happens all to often, it seems.

People suck sometimes. And I'm in a "people suck" kinda mood today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to my "people rock!" self. ;)