Friday, June 9, 2017

ADP: Choosing Time Period

Choosing a Time Period

(Part of the ADP: Armour Decision Points series)

Time period

The choice you must make regarding time period is one of the most binding as it will choose who you can interact with in the re-enactment world. One of the most strong criteria for group participation is time period of the kit. It is a major point that will bring into conflict your vision of your armour and those with whom you would like to re-enact. 

The most powerful driver of picking your time period is the strength of your vision of how you should look in armour. For simplicity, I will divide people into no particular vision, a vague vision, or a very specific vision.

I suggest that if you do not have a particular vision of how you should be, don't shop around for a time period, shop around and choose people. Get out to multiple groups and see who you interact best with, and then choose to share their vision. From the group and the people you choose, take on their time period and learn all you can about this time.  I personally went group shopping in Brisbane in the early 1990's, and visited metal weapon groups, combat game groups, fencing groups, and craft groups. I joined the SCA for the madrigal singing, and later was convinced to play their combat sport. I have kits that are roughly late roman/ early migration; 1350 exactly, and 1420-1470.

If you have a partial vision, such as a silhouette (Link: Understanding silhouette) or a time range, this is enough to proceed. My strong suggestion for you would be to best express your vision in clear words, find someone knowledgable about this time period, and talk with them for a while to ensure your vision does not include impossible or fantastical notions that will require a change of plans once you get to execution. A partial vision means research or consultation.

If you have a strong vision, congratulations, your battle here is mostly done. Now you have a driver to focus your further research and armour creation.


If you have succeed here, you can now fill in the Time Period section of the ADP Worksheet with a silhouette, an era, or specific time.

Silhouette: Migration period (I want to be a viking!)
Time era: 1420-1470
A specific year or event: I want 1350 Combat of the Thirty Armour; or I want armour from Agincourt, Friday 25th October 1415.

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