Monday, February 22, 2021

ADP Ysambarts 1400 kit

 ADP Ysambarts 1400 kit

Armour Decision Point Worksheet

·                     Silhouette – Half Plate armour

·                     Time period - 1400

·                     Geographical Area - France

·                     Historical Example – mixed depicitions

·                     Social Status – Country French Knight

·                     Leg suspension – c-belt

·                     Correct layers V your layers – not enough mail

·                     Weapon Fitout - SCA rule set compliant rattan long sword and rattan dagger

·                     My Compromises – faceplate, modern gorget, less mail, fuller leg articulation, less elbow articulation different gauntlets, leather gutters and thigh plates, wrong shoes.


Half Plate armour

Time period


Geographical Area

 France, with an Italian supplier

Historical Example

 mixed depicitions - I have no known French heavy infrantry depiction for 1400s.

Social Status

 Country French Knight

Leg suspension


Correct layers V your layers

Not enough mail, body armour should be over the fabric layer

Weapon Fitout

 SCA rule set compliant rattan long sword and rattan dagger

My Compromises

faceplate is a required peice for the SCA ruleset

modern gorget is supplemental to the missing mail

less mail - this kit should have more mail and less visible cloth

fuller leg articulation & less elbow articulation - swapped due to the availability at the time

different gauntlets - finger gauntlets illegal. These steel covered leather ones are incorrect for the kit

leather gutters and thigh plates - I choose leather gutters and thigh plates for a sports ruleset reason - If I have steel gutters (forearms) and steel thigh plates I cannot even notice correctly thrown shots I need to register as hits.

wrong shoes - I get consant injury with flat soled medieval shoes.

ADP Migration Period Coppergate base


ADP Migration Period Coppergate Base


Armour Decision Point Worksheet

·                     Silhouette – Late Roman/Migration/Viking

·                     Time period – 867

·                     Geographical Area – York, England

·                     Historical Example – Extant Coppergate helmet

·                     Social Status – Northumbrian Captain of the Yeomanry

·                     Leg suspension - none

·                     Correct layers V your layers – none – but have not made the set.

·                     Weapon Fitout - SCA rule set compliant rattan single handed sword, rattan spear, rattan dagger, and a round shield

·                     My Compromises – Face, neck, kidney protection, gauntlets, hidden elbows, forearms, thighs and knees.



Late Roman/Migration/Viking

Time period:


Geographical Area:

York, Kingdom of Northumbria (present day England) 

Historical Example:

Extant Coppergate helmet

Social Status:

Northumbrian Captain of the Yeomanry, I believe at this rank a metal helmet would be expected and affordable.

Leg suspension:

The leg armour for this type of warrior was cloth trews and wraps.

Correct layers V your layers:

I have not made the set.

Weapon Fitout:

SCA rule set compliant rattan single handed sword, rattan spear, rattan dagger, and a round shield

My Compromises:

Face/ head the open face is illegal so a full face or protective bars are needed, as would extra blacked or hidden plates to full cover the head.

Neck needs full mail, or preferably full mail and a hidden gorget.

Kidney protection is needed – a hidden one integrated into the lendenier would work well.

Gauntlets there are no known gauntlets from this period, so a sports leather copy is needed, a common option in Australia are the “Count Olfus” designed leather covered steel plate gauntlets.

Hidden elbows and forearms are best. While only elbows are technically needed, forearm protection is highly recommended.

Hidden thighs knees are best. While only knees are technically needed, thigh protection is highly recommended.

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ADP 1450 Suit adapted to SCA Ruleset


1450 Suit adapted to SCA Ruleset

armour decision point example

Armour Decision Point Worksheet

·                     Silhouette – Plate armour

·                     Time period - 1450

·                     Geographical Area - France

·                     Historical Example - Gunther von Schwarzburg 1349 Effigy

·                     Social Status - French Knight

·                     Leg suspension - Purpoint

·                     Correct layers V your layers – none – but have not made the set.

·                     Weapon Fitout - SCA rule set compliant rattan long sword and rattan dagger

·                     My Compromises – Bevor and gauntlets





German Plate

Time period:


Geographical Area:

France, but a customer of a German armoury

Historical Example:

extant suit Historisches Museum, Vienna

Social Status:

French Knight

Leg suspension:


Correct layers V your layer:

I have not made a suit in this style yet

Weapon Fitout:

SCA rule set compliant rattan long sword and rattan dagger

My Compromises:

To make this suit SCA legal would require two main compromises, at the gauntlets and at the neck. The guantlets appear to have separated fingers which is generally illegal in the SCA ruleset, and the ruleset has definite definitions where helmets must protect head to the jaw. The ruleset does not allow the jaw to be protected by the bevor.

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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Getting WaT 15mm tanks in Australia

 Getting WaT 15mm tanks in Australia 

What a Tanker in my area (Canberra Australia) uses 15mm (1/100) miniatures to play this great 'beer and pretzels' level miniatures wargame.

One of my friends asked how to get miniatures, and I am the sort to head off being asked a questions a few times by making a blog post. (Hi Mr C!)

The game only needs a few tanks per side to get going, and on your first game and large team games, you may only need a single tank, easily borrowed from your teacher or game runner. After that, you will naturally want your own collection. 


Super Biased first pick! Aetherworks are my friends of 20+ years and I have even done bits of work for them. I declare my bias :)   

An easy start point would be the "Fury" boxed set with three US and two germans.  

You can drill down in the store to Miniature/ Flames of War/ country and then pick the miniatures you want. This is a very easy way to get what you want miniature by miniature. They are located in Sydney, so postage is fast. For example, this link should go to the German vehicles. Vehicles this way are about $15 each. 

If you want to start a collection in one box and don't want to paint, you could get the World of Tanks Miniatures game and get four base coated tanks and a whole other rule set for $71. This is a rebrand of Gale Force 9's (GF9) old "Tanks!" game adding in the basecoat painting and bumping the price. Singles are not out yet, but look like they are $22 each. Great if you have no interest in painting, or if you only want to detail the tanks yourself.

War and Peace stock a few different companies than Aetherworks. they link above goes to 15mm WW2. The bargain of the moment seems to be that they are clearing their GF9 TANKS games miniatures for $7.50 each. Good price! Limited Stock.

Mighty Ape stock Zvezda models. They are inexpensive models, recently endorsed by Jygdrasil. He was very happy with them arriving in a couple of weeks at very, low prices. He put his toe in with s $20 starter order and order #2 at $40 is underway.

Everyone knows ebay. You can watch carefully for bargains @ $5 a pop, or go spend $250 on someones complete pre painted collection of everything you want. Search 15mm tanks or 1/100 tanks

The Combat Company main differentiator here is stocking Plastic Soldier Compoany brand miniatures. They came through ompeteing with Flames of War by offering inexpensive simple pose plastic miniatures. They sell cheap tanks in boxes of five to match the FoW ruleset. 


Down at the 15mm level, 3D printing is just fine. If you have a friend with skills in the area, the polite thing to do is for you to make all the tank decisions by picking what you want from and sending them the links. Then, offer them about $5 per tank for filament and setup labour. I have 6/25 3d printed tanks, and unless you have a good eye you won't be able to spot them from my plastic and metal tanks until you pick them up.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

OzLard Online Planning

 OzLard Online Planning

Not enough support or interest to proceed

With Cancon 2021 being cancelled, I am planning on running an online equivalent of one of the Lard Days in Australia, with only online content. Thus OzLard Online.

Everything here is pencilled in subject to change. I am really interested in hearing what people think needs to be done - however my leadership style involves saying 'that is a great idea, you should do it' or 'that needs a team of three, all the best finding them' quite often.

Proposed DATES

 Cancon weekend 23rd and 24th January 2021

Proposed GAMES

We can run as many games for which we can find staff. Possible games are Chain of Command, What a Tanker, and Infamy! Infamy! 


Central meeting palce could be a Discord channel with multiple channels for each game, relaxed chatting, painting etc.

Games could be played via Tabletop Simulator or Filmed Live Tabletops. 

Tutorials and Panels could be held and enahnced by pre recorded Youtube presentations, pre-record video or presentations streams or live streams.

Proposed STAFF

Grand High Poobah - Bart

Each game will require:
    T.O. - tournament organiser who will be the contact point for the players, will co-ordinate up to the poobah, and down to the rest of their team
    Head Trainer - online games need a session held beforehand where people can test the technology and get a hand to ensure they are up to speed
    Player Trainers - these are the players who are confident they can play and walk someone through the game as well
    Players - ready to play!

If a game is a one-off demo with a maximum of say four players, a single person could the TO and trainer roles by themselves. If you have the ambition to run multiple scenarios and co-ordinate many results, I would suggest after the initial TO,  you need at least a staff memeber per 10 proposed players.


Saturday 9.00am  Discord Channel : Poobah
Poobah Bart welcomes everyone to OzLard Online, Rich ceremonially cracks the first tube. And the goes to bed becuase it is midnight in London :)

Saturday 9.15 Channel : Pub opens for the whole event

Saturday 9.15 Channel :ChoC Central
The Ten Chain of Command Players meet up and find their opponents. The first scenario download link is given so people can see it in Tabletop Simulator for the first time. The chain of Command discord channels Choc Game One through to Choc Game Five then populate.

Saturday 9.15 Channel : Bunch of Tankers 
The WaT trainer opens up for registration of trainees. At 9.30 the Tabletop simulator What a Tanker board is opened, and the trainer introduces new people to WaT.

Saturday 9.15 Channel : Sharpies
Scott Driscoll has already got his four players sorted - he reveals the board at his house with full camera rig and wonderful terrain, and starts the stream. His opponents in Johannesburg and Cardiff get him to show them and the spectators the angles to make decisions, and Scott consults with his ally in Hamburg for the four hours of the game. Unfortunately half way through the game there is a technical issue, and one of the spectators steps up to take an active role.

Saturday 13.00 Channel : Choc Central
The games that were finished at 12.30 are tallied, and the next round starts

Saturday 13.00 Channel :Painters Terrainium
John Bond streams the Youtube premiere of his video where he shows advanced dremel techniques to make his incredible terrain. He stops and starts the video stream to provide extra commentary

Saturday 13.00 Channel: Bunch of Tankers
Two of the trainees are keen for more and six experienced players join in for a eight tanks extravaganza

Saturday 18:00 Channel Pub: With most formal games over the pub kicks off and many stories are told, and every says how much the dice hated them and how tomorrow everything will work perfectly...



Monday, August 3, 2020

Zoom Armour Class Planning and Tools

Zoom Armour Class Planning and Tools

I have been asked how I did my Zoom 

class on armouring 101, and which tools I used. When you are explaining something once, why not put it in a blog and explain it to whoever shows interest?

First step was the skeleton. Quickly overview the whole course, then each of the six two hour lessons.

Important principles: First lesson should be assess each students needs. Do they match what you are planning to teach. Next is vocabulary - what must you teach otherwise the words make no sense?

Lesson One - I spoke to the students about their personal expectations. I had written a five page google document on types of workshops. This document was the skeleton, and my knowledge filled it out. It was also the vocabulary lesson - each of the critical words was discussed and brought up so students could hear them in a context. This was a 'talking head' lesson done in front of my computer.

Lesson Two-Four. Each of these practical skills lessons involved iphone video days. My beloved Tig would be the cameraperson and count me in. I would have a printed list of each technique, and would explain them from memory. Later, we would extract the video files from my iPhone using a iXpand lightning made by Sandisk. 

These gizmos are an iPhone lightning adaptor at one end, and a USB stick at the other. Then I would transfer the files to my Windows 10 PC. I would convert these files from Apple format to .mp4 and edit them using HD Movie Maker - PRO which cost $15AUD from the Microsoft store.

I estimate that a two hour lesson needs about 50 minutes of video if, like me, you stop the video at bits that need expanding, answer questions, and prompts for questions from your audience. Shooting for 40 minutes of video generally took about four hours of shooting, and six hours of editing. Armour videos have sound problems. The loud hammering and grinding noises you make can cut out the sound and stop your words from being heard. In the lessons I just explained what I said during the zoom. To publish my videos on Youtube, I decide subtitling would be needed. I used Aegissub for this. I estimate 40 minutes of subtitling will take about four hours.

Lessons Five and Six - Were again talking head. Parts were based off a blog post, which involved me showing the blog post, and talking about the key points, expanding on them, and constantly quizzing the listeners about why decisions might have been made. Parts were based of memory without scripting - talking about shop practice and how decisions come about. Yet another part was showing and presenting over a Microsoft Powerpoint

The final part was going over the expectations expressed in the very first lesson, and then expanding on them. The student who expressed an interest in Mongol armour - I advised which workshop they needed, which groups they should look to to research Mongol, and examples of Mongol armour for example. The last 30 minutes were left for final questions. 

So I used a bevvy of technical tools, but I would say the most important was a good skeleton put together on a Google Document.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Bart Heart Story

Bart Heart Story

Since Forever:

I hate running. I've always done power, short sports. Running has always made me feel like crap. Cricket, SCA, Volleyball - power burst rather than sustained constant effort.


After heavy effort such as a day of SCA armoured combat, or a day in the armoury hammering heavily, I would get very cold and my heart would pound. Sometimes when fighting, people told me I looked like crap. Something was happening...


I go through a good gp, the a cardiologist, then a surgical cardiologist. It is determined that I have SVT. Short version: The electricals in my heart are doing odd things. More detail:

Tuesday 19th May 2020

I go to have a heart study and ablation. Short Version: An instrument goes in my groin and through to my heart and detects the problems (the study), and then burns the heart muscle in such a way that the electrical fault is cured (the ablation) . More detail:

This does not work this time under twilight. When they induce the problem, it does not behave as it should, and the choice was made to not ablate because everything was too unusual. It was suspected that this was due to the twilight. My surgery was also very late at night, due to being one of the first elective surgeries post COVID-19 lockdowns being lifted. Sleeping afterwards was tough as I received a nasty burn from the heart zap pads.

I recover from the process quite nicely. I am put onto Betaloc, which is a beta blocker. This tablet makes me dimmer intellectually and nauseous. I had to pull back from multiple commitments such as not re-running for the ANCA president.

Tuesday 22nd June 2020

I am due to have another heart study and ablation. I am washed, shaved up and ready - and it is cancelled due to a problem with the machine.

Tuesday 14th July 2020 - I have another heart study and four ablations. The study finds an atrial flutter, AVNRT, and two SVT. They are all radio ablated. I am on the table for six hours. This is much more than was expected, but after two previous sessions the doctor decided to get everything done at once. I am now on Eliquis Apixaban (blood thinner) and Pantoprazole Sandoz (reflux prevention) and painkillers.

So what did this FEEL like?

After sitting around bored in the gown, I got wheeled down to surgery around 12. There they explain that due to the failure to map properly last time, I will only have local on my groin, and no twilight. I'm going to be awake for most of this, hooray... The groin is drugged and the instruments are put in. This time I am positioned slightly differently so I can't see the big monitors that show the action.

The study begins, which is where they chemically induce a fast heart rate to cause the problem, so they understand how to fix it. This is like chemically running a marathon - your heart rate is jacked up and you feel like you are straining hard. I start breathing hard. The doctor then says that my breaths are too big, and that they interfere with his instruments. I'm going to have to run a marathon on tiny breaths. This is EXHAUSTING. I develop a mantra to shorten my breathes, which is "Aus-trali-A, The AC-T" with an up on the A, and a down on the T. I don't know how long this goes on, maybe an hour? Where the doctor keeps finding more and more issues. They expected one issue and one ablation, but during the study they find a flutter, and AVNRT, and two SVTs.

Eventually they begin the first ablation which was fixing the flutter. This is excruciating, and feels like my ribcage is being pulled apart by a carjack. My life has been full of sport and adventures in silly, painful things, so I know many of the very bad types of pain. This one was the slow pulling apart of ligaments and tendons, and you know they are close to just bursting apart. The main agony was focused just above my right rotator cuff. I believe I broke that bone once, so I suspect that it is the weak point of my whole rib cage, so it reported in as the part most likely to tear apart first. My whole rib cage was yelling very angrily at me, but the right shoulder felt ready to tear apart.

I had been doing to short breathing for an hour, so I told the doc I needed to breathe big when I could to take this pain. He told me when I could breathe big, then he told me when he was working and I had to stay on shallow breathes. I would have been crying heavily at this point, but there was no liquid to let go, so I was salt crying, which as you know stings pretty badly. At this point I think they realised how badly I was doing here, and I was told I was going under general, and the other ablations would be done with out me being awake. I got told to suck in big breaths of the gas, and I was soon blessedly out.

When I came back with the program, I was in my room, it was around 7pm and Tig was next to me. My ribcage hurt like blazes, feeling like I was recovering from my ribcage being jacked apart. I had been intubated (tubes down my throat) which feels nasty. I was actually more comfortable than last time as I could semi-rest as I did not have the burn on my back this time. My main discomfort was actually that I needed to go for a #2. There was an attempt to organise a bedpan, but that didn't work. As it was I drifted in and out of sleep listening to TFL YouTubes.

Wednesday 15th July 2020 -I was finally allowed to be mostly unplugged and go to the toilet. Blessed relief!

I kept rotating between listening to TFL YouTubes and sleeping and tripping out from all the drugs I was on. I was having all sorts of visual illusions and weird visions. I knew they were hallucinations  and waking dreams because I could turn them off by opening my eyes and breathing deeply.

Over the day I was gradually unplugged from all the things, and observations stopped. I was offered painkillers, but only went as far as Panadol. I didn't need Endone this time as I was sleeping okay over the ache. Last time I had more hardcore drugs due to sleep being an impossibility due to the burn.

During the day I was okay, trippy due to the drugs, napping, and tired, but okay. Doc came late, and we had a chat, and I was okay to go home. I get unplugged from all the toys, got dressed, got drugs, and went home. I chilled on the couch while we watched a little bit of DC Legends of Tomorrow, and then we set up the bed and I went to sleep around 8pm.

Thursday 16th July 2020 - I ache in my ribs and throat, I am still woozy AF, but I can paint tokens, I fed the dogs this morning, and I fed myself lunch. I am nicely on the mend. I am compis mentis enough to write this missive at 4pm. I think the recover will be much slower this time due to my rib tendon and ligament stetching, let alone my heart actually being spot welded, but I am confident that in a few months I will be better that ever.

I'm quite curious to see if running becomes actually fun, and if SVT was the reason I have always loathed it!