Friday, April 28, 2017

Interactive Blacksmithing Supplies Quest

Interactive Blacksmithing Supplies Quest

Aims: Enough correct equipment to make gear at increasing levels of complexity.


Level One - a simple portable hole system
Level Two - simple prick spurs like the Roman one in FAT prize (blunted as they will be a dress item)
Level Three - tempered tools to help armouring

Currently I have:

A LPG (propane) forge
An anvil
Multipe hammers
Two pairs of tongs
Tiny wire brushes

First To do: Get the forge onto the steel frame I purchased from the green shed and make a firebrick door arrangement.

To complete Level One:

Really big wire brush to get scale off, that is easily usable in protective gloves.
(DONE - Big yellow wire brush $5 Jamison Markets)

To complete Level Two: 

Information on the suggested metal to use.

A cold chisel/ cold chisel and punch set?
(DONE - Cold chisel and punch set found at Jamison Markets $25)

To complete Level Three:

Information on the suggested metal to use.
A quench tank/ arrangement
A large quantity of canola oil
A supplier of the fluxes
A supplier of the stuff that the hot work is 'bedded' in to stop oxidization
A container for the bedding material


I will be looking around online, and getting people's opinions on best sources and info.
As I grab them, I will post them up here to help anyone else! Please feel free to use the comments below! If you know me, please feel free to use my Ysambart Armoury Facebook page, or Facebook Messenger.

Tech Specs:

My anvil has a 25mm (1 inch) square hole and a 15mm diameter round hole.


Gameco Wolf jaw Tongs :

Gameco Cutting Fluid:

Gameco Quench Tank: which leads into the question of whether I want to get a little arc welder and learn to arc weld to do these speed welding projects or will I rely on contractors? Is it worth it on the time/ cost/ skill acquisition matrix? Welder - do I want a oxy-acetelene bottle hire cost? Certainly not at the moment with not enough workshop time.

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Bart Beswick said...

Big yellow wire brush, and cold chisel and punch set found at Jamison Markets $30 all up win.