Sunday, February 7, 2016

20160207 Belt Tape Scabbard

20160207 Belt Tape Scabbard

Today was a very quiet day creatively, I woke late and got to the workshop late. Once there I did some belt and strapping work on my armour, and re-taped some sticks.

I am a knight in my group, and we do full speed full contact medieval combat martial arts. We use rattan, which is like a solid filled bamboo. It has the useful quality of 'pulping' as it gets old and worn, so it becomes a worse weapon as time goes on, and becomes safer, as opposed to almost any other material which becomes more dangerous. Wood splinters and snaps, fibreglass buts off splinters, polymers snap with temperature changes, metals crystallize and shatter or form sharp shards.

So when I say I re-taped my swords, the outer layers are marked to show the contact edge, and over time it gets very broken up. So every few months you need to strip the stick and re-tape it.

I got a little distracted in the workshop at that point, and had an organisational spree, putting up lots of pegs and holders on convenient beams.

I did some more stitch work on the scabbard, but forgot to take my camera down.

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