Saturday, November 8, 2014

CoC Practice Nov14

Jason and I had a game to get him up to speed on the rules. One drunken bucks night does not impart fundamental mastery! Jason took a regular US platoon, I took regular Heer. My support choice was an adjutant.

Jason pushed up to the hedge lines, while I tried to force the forest. He deployed first, and fast.

In the north my men leapt a tactical bound ahead to the next hedge. In the South Woods, they took up a firing position in the forest.

My senior leader cleared the concerns of the men in the woods. Accurate fire in the north wounded a corporal.

In the woods, the MG 42 reaped it's toll, but the Americans soon figured out to always keep them under suppressing fire. In the North, things just got worse. The middle platoon finally got moving, throwing smoke to the building, and having the second MG42 pour it on south.

The north platoon was pinned and routed. The Americans then took the central building, forcing action!

The riflemen charged the building, preceded by a flurry of grenades, and the cry "hadgrenaten!" Well, we will call it a mumble, and a single grenade. And I needed a whole lot more than that. With half my forces routed, I ceded the field to the victorious Americans.

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