Friday, October 24, 2014

Cancon2015 Warmup #1

Cancon2015 Warmup #1

S & I decided to have a game, and he was nice enough to let me test the simplest scenario of Cancon2015, the no support game.

S took my 28mm Soviet Regular Infantry Platoon. I took my 28mm German Heer Infantry Platoon. With 4 on the support list, S took an extra Regular Infantry Platoon.

The Table was another setup using the road and river from the Blokenstein boys, and my new buckets of hedges.

In the Patrol Phase, we ended up far apart. Sui sprinted for the hedges, and I plodded straight up the flank.

In deployment, I pushed too far forward on the left flank. Sui Placed his right-middle group well. They emerged from the bushes, and hosed down the rifle team who took a hedge position without right protection.

I sent the centre section rifle team right into the soviet held forest, and it went very poorly for the Germans. I had forgotten about the junior leader being back in the building, and the cry of "Handgrenaten!" turned into "Where is the corporal?!?".

Two teams down, I went on the defensive. It was time to make the MG 42 advantage sing. The remaining troops poured it on, and the right flankers hid in the forest and licked their wounds.

I whittled, and I shot, and wiped a Soviet Section for gradual losses of my own.

I had a good run of initiative, and the Germans were back in the game. On the right Flank, I cajoled away the shock, and ready the men for a surprise attack on the Soviets coming my way. This is where the battle could turn!

My Corporal with SMG, my MG42 team and their rifleman burst out into the Soviets when they crossed the hedge and were in the open. Retribution! All I need are 4's to hit and then it will be shock and death everywhere!

So the Germans burst out of the forest, and did absolutely nothing. The Soviets took full advantage, and hosed down the Germans, and took their jump off point forthwith.

Too many points down, the remaining Soviets came in tactical advance and pushed the remaining Germans back to regroup and lick their wounds. The Soviets had 5 morale left as the Germans fell to zero morale.

Great game!

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