Friday, May 17, 2013

La Prova Dura Armour Transport Plan

Canceled: My household will now only be taking one full car.

$40 to get your armour and weapons to La Prova Dura
Kit would need to be dropped off to Bart by Wed 17th July (Politarcopolis Practice, Ainslie Hall) for delivery in Adelaide Friday night 19th July. Armour returns to the truck thirty minutes after the end of "Proof of Love" tournament Sunday. Armour will be available again Tuesday evening, or at Polit Practice 24th July.

I can't afford to fly to La Prova dura, and driving would be out of my price range as well. However, I have a ute! I bet plenty of Canberrans (and maybe even Sydneysiders with Berengar connections) would like to fly. As I always say, you either have cash, or time, or have made unfortunate lifestyle choices. I have time! No Festival means I have flex and leave enough to be driver boy.

Road Trip:
Uncle Ysambart Truck and Tow is on again. Instead of CBN to BNE, this time it's CBN to Radelaide. The forty dollars includes a set of armour, shield and sword, and/or polearms. If you significantly go over this, the $40 will be bumped to $80. "Oh, I've got my armour and this suitcase and these banners"

There is no such category. There is only 'poorly packed by you'. We will be careful, however stacking ten armour bags in the back of the ute means that your bags will be thrown short distances, and likely stood on by big people. Pack accordingly.

I believe I need eight people to cover fuel ($320) to make this fly for fuel etc. This is a proposal until I get 8 promises. The ute has a towball, so if we got over, it won't be a problem, but we need to get to eight to make it happen. I would want this to be a certainty by June 1. I have my co-driver.

Please book by email (, Facebook Message, or SMS (0407 962 774). I will keep people who book informed on the numbers booked.

Any questions? Do you want to know more?

Forty bucks to get your armour bag to Shemaj's Prova Dura thingy.

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