Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The quest to be "That Guy"

"That guy" is from a three panel work "The Martyrdom of St. Ursula" by Hans Memling. He is depicted in what appears to be the armour of a mid to low level man at arms. One of my aims as a member of The Company of Saint Christopher is to get my gear ready, so I can be armed and armoured like this man. The picture was painted by an artist who lived at the time, the clothes are cut in the right style, and the complexity and expense is not too great.

Head to toe breakdown:
Helmet: His simple cap helmet will be protective in a basic way, and not too hot. I have no sourced this helmet yet: It will likely be my last piece gathered: I intend to use my current Sallita until this cap has been sourced/ created.

Mail: Dan Oliver has shown they way, and has an inexpensive source of riveted mail. I will get the links presently.

Jack (the cloth jacket) & Jack Chains (the arm armour): I intend to save the ladies of the group that sewing task: It is my intention to purchase from Cap-a-pie.

Poleaxe:  I intend to have a variant of the Wallace collection hammer extended to poleaxe length. Hammer and rear spike, Spear point and butt spike. Four ends, no waiting. It is my hope to craft an SCA poleaxe to as close to the same weight and handling as the metal reproduction item.

Sword and sword belt: I will hand make the belt, and I will talk to Master Owain about the best way to obtain the sword.

Hose & Braies: Here I will talk to the ladies of the group, and get patterned and supplied, likely in exchanged for calligraphic work etc.

Boots: I already have a pair of the boots, and will get another pair.  

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Bart Beswick said...

I have gotten keen - I shall attempt to make the Ackerton myself!