Friday, July 22, 2011

Wodonga Golf Games

I'm a poor golfer, for lack of concentration and lack of practice. Hopefully Wodonga will provide me a little more time for practice, and concentration will come.

Name : Bart Handicap One
Total Par : 72
Total Strokes : 114
Total Score : +42
#12345678 9OUT
# 101112131415161718IN

Highlight - A nice par on the 17th.
Three putted the 6th after driving the green.

Name : Bart Practice round
Total Par : 72
Total Strokes : 109
Total Score : +37

Highlight - Birdie on the 10th. Two drives, a pitch and a two foot putt.


Moko 2.0 said...

The way I figure golf is that it's 3 games in one. Teeing off, fairway, and putting. The shithouse thing about golf is that it's NEVER mastered, just played better than before. For me, it's just about 'THE shot'. You know, that one shot that makes you go ... FK yeah.

Flinthart said...


Golf can never be played sober. One must be drunk, stoned, or twisted up with fierce hallucinogens, else the experience is utterly invalid.

YsambartCourtin said...

Moko - at least once a round I manage to get it all together for a good hole. Like my birdie on the par 5. Straight drive, long iron, mid iron, one put. It's the magic that brings you back next game.

Flinty - you know that I am excitable. I like fighting my nature by playing a sport that requires calmness. I have the glass of red afterwards.