Monday, May 16, 2011

Last few months in summary

Rowany - The Burbage smaller team with just as much stuff meant more work - Termites got into the storage adding extra unloading after festival, and it was a very wet festival, which meant that I did two runs to site. David and BJ did three runs, which was epic - and we all got sick. Nothing went wrong with festival  per se, but a lot of the 'extras' one could hope for did not eventuate. I enjoyed the fighting, but the extra slog and bad weather meant I spent a lot of night time asleep instead of carousing.

Moving - Adelle's studies go apace, which leaves us closer to moving. Moving currently depends on the complex interactions of the Army and the University, both of which seem to specialize in 'slow reveal' of information, making the whole thing 'very Canberra' It makes planning a slow task with many variables unrevealable. Those who know me well know that I have a massive preference for solid planning and 'cut through', so this process is like pulling teeth. Moving is stressful at any time - add in bureaucracy and I am double twitchy.

Seneschal - I handed over the office of Seneschal (Club President). It was with sadness and happiness. I was sad that the process of leaving had so definitely begun, but happy because I had done what I had planned, and I know it is in good hands. I moved from a structure where the money that came into the general pool was replenished by 'the mysterious other' to one where outgoings were linked to  incoming and the general pool. The hall was paid for by the feasts, and rising costs meant that model was not viable. I made sure that the hall mostly  paid for itself, the feasts profits were ploughed back into more feasts and general funds, and my successor will even have a bit of discretionary cash, a luxury I did not have. I was also lucky to have not serious personality issues during my time. I believe I headed most issues off by making sure that I had face time with each of my members very quickly after coming into office, and then at least once more for everyone after that. I was also VERY fast on communications, either email or phone calls. I am a blunt, honest person, but that means I become a 'known factor' who can be relied on to deal with issues quickly and directly.

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