Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nerfageddon Christmas

New format Christmas was a lot of fun, helped along as the dominant present this year was - Nerf!

To let the junior members retain their anonymity a touch, they will be identified by their Nerf weapons :) After a fine present opening ceremony at Dad &Step-ma, it was time to test the loot. Youngling wielded the mighty Vulcan  Teenager had a Stampede, while Uncle got a Raider.  Adelle, Aunt, Grandad and I shared around my Recon, and a box of six single shot blasters.

I took up a comfortable position in the shade, with my single shot pistols and a crate of darts. Aunt, Uncle and teenager ran around the garden taking potshots, and bringing the pew-pew. Then, after much re-loading, Youngling would stand atop the trampoline and open up with the mighty Vulcan. There would be much yelping and squealing as everyone sought cover, the ammo belts would be empty and everyone would seek vengeance. After this barrage, youngling would get off the trampoline, gather his darts, return to his emplacement and resume loading.

Running around gave everyone a healthy appetite, and we all loved the food and especially the cooling ice-cream.

1 comment:

Flinthart said...

Dude. I fucking admit it. The Vulcan is, like, $70 at my local Kmart. And I Am Tempted.

...just to see their little faces, coming home from school to discover Daddy waiting for them, fully camouflaged up in the garden, with high-speed nerf apocalypse...oooh, it gives me chills.