Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rowany Festival

Wednesday - leave, yummy breakfast Golburn bakery, drive, re-tie ropes, drive, arrive, unpack cars, put up tents for several hours, run around checking stuff out, dinner in Gosford.

Thursday- Organizing more stuff and putting more stuff up. Give my ute & trailer to autocrat, shopping run to Gosford.  Set up officers tent and pick up pit. Help lay out all the areas for Ladies of The Rose Pas d' Armes. Gabs has many great toys: nice corners, flags and viewing pavilion. Get armoured myself, fight a round in Pas, run around and order others to do marshalling. Organise court announcements. Run marshals meeting. Run around distributing gold "Ive been checked" ribbon to major marshals I know were not in attendance. Burbage feast with royalty. Adelle gets AOA. Yay. Sleep.

Friday - Set fields for Heraldic Melee. Advise Lists and Heralds of format. Complete full round robin for all eight teams between 10.10 and 13.00. Full rounds run, while previously it took same time for three rounds. V, V. happy with this. Two field and the sides arming and standing ready was brilliant, it allowed things to really work. Even got a few fun byes in. Heralds, Lists, and Assistant Marshals all did GREAT job. While others lunched I went and tried to prep the war field. Didn't really work that well. Improvised. Cornered in the field. An assistant Marshal for the back lines, and tree lines for the edges. I was in full armour and roamed the field, as did one other. Peak - 50 combatants. Scenarios. I guess 7 sets of five per location, so about 35. After, had to make a Hospital run for a householder. Hospital run bad. Hot commercial food good. Sleep.

Saturday - Helped Adelle set up Market day stall, and wandered market with her. I purchase presents for her, and bits of armour for me. Main win - $220 for stainlees gauntlets. Woot! made fields for Second Gen. Watch a few moments of jousting. Eat. Organise Dark Ages Melee. Two Atlantean speed tournies to begin, then small melee units fighting speed tournies. Dark Ages challenged the combat of the 30 - French surrendered. Heh. Instead of unmeshed war, people just fought pick ups on 30 field and in the pit. Field more popular due to shade. Got in armour myself. Fought some new people. Gave a College guy some forearm gutters. Fought female knight. Did well against her. Went to the tavern and had a drink or three with Sir Yves, and invited him back to the campsite.

Sunday, War day: Ran around organising stuff. At 10.00, was on field with a happy keen guy - fought the first round of war scenarios just one on one with him :) Things built, and fought 10.00 till 13.00. Two hour break, then fought 15.00 till 18.00. Many, many scenarios. I guess 12 sets of five, and four custom scenarios, so 65. Very happy with amount of fighting. Dinner. Got purchased in Fighter Auction Tournament by Sir Bain for $40. He said "There's a bargain". I purchased Orlando the pure for $30.

Monday - Fighter Auction. Went to "Floz man camp" to give Orlando a token, and asked Bain if I could wear an old school Ventbarre tabbard as my favour. He agreed. Round one - Red shield. GREAT defence, no offence. It took a lot, but I got through him eventually. Newly cut sword. Made it a touch too long. Dammit. Not enough time to remake. Bother. Round Two - No clear recollection. Round three - Perth dude, good guy, could win next crown - he had not integrated thrust defence. Legged and left, then drove the one backhand - two thrust combo. he hadn't seen it. Skewered. Neither had Everard in Round Four. Same process. Round Five - King Bran. Several passes, then a double kill.  In refight, I rip his leg. On the way in, he rips my right arm. I could not defeat him with only my left arm. Loose round Five. Round Six - Angus the Axeman, one of our locals. He has a very long hafted axe. I take the bastard sword. I keep him out okay, but my feet are too heavy. To use my speed advantage I have to use superior footwork or strength to negate his superior reach, then strike faster than he can defend. My feet would not respond, and he is stronger than I am. Eventually he took my leg. While he had superior reach, I had to catch the head, draw it past me and strike. His superior fitness meant that I could not execute the manouver, and my attempts at 'speeding' past him were blocked. He struck me a flat blow to the side of the head, and there was a light thrust to the side of the helm, but eventually he hit me a light one clean to the faceplate, which was a kill. Sixth round meant I was in the lot of three combatants eliminated that round, so we were 12-15, so tied 12th. Not bad out of 90. That night was FINALLY relaxing, drinking and eating night. Good food and yummy fried stuff at Casacelli, then drinkies with White Company and finally Mordenvale. Hot chips and ginger beer. Mmmmm. Learn about Adelle alcohol tolerances :)

Tuesday - lots of packing down, and on the drive home had an exploded trailer tyre. Got home safe.

This has forgotten more than it included, but gives an impression of the stuff that I did. It was big fun.

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