Monday, March 22, 2010

"Tony" Grandad de Bondi

I'm looking up my Grandfather's service record out of interest. I've looked up before, but I'm checking it again, and recording some notes this time.

Service Record
Service     Australian Army
Service Number     QX7531
Posting at Discharge     2/15 Battalion

Service record - 'not yet examined' - not available on the online databases. SO I would have to pay to get it.

At this point I have decided to examine the actions of the battalion. I believe Tony joined as a stretcher bearer in this, his second division.

The 2/15th left Egypt aboard the Acquitania on 25 January 1943 and disembarked at Sydney on 27 February. After leave and jungle training on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland it embarked for Milne Bay in Papua on 2 August 1943.
On 4 September the battalion landed on Red Beach, 15 miles north-west of Lae. Shortly after it fought its way ashore at Scarlet Beach near Finschhafen and defended the area against Japanese counter-attack. The battalion also took part in the Huon Peninsula campaign, advancing along the northern coast of New Guinea from Lae to Sio.


Battalion Diaries


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National Archives personell file:

Bart Beswick said...

personel files for Grandad.