Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb Misc stuff to do

Adelle - adore :) - working on. Also working on holding the nausea bucket due to wisdom teeth removal :)
Scout hall - finish shields to make them display ready - not yet
Hospit gear - sort and label the pile Maxx donated - done
Photos - sort the photo's and get the best ones to Bat & Macca - not yet
Shelves - make better shed shelves so I can slip cricket/ armour/ fencing bags in and out more easily - not yet
Cushion Box - make Rachel and Alex's cushion box. - not yet
Marina - keep promise to trim hedges - timing proving complex! - phone call made - gave up on meeting - will just go over and do it randomly some time.
Corinbank/ Work/ SCA  - get first aid certificate up to date - nope. Will help on clean up instead.
Study - sign up to the DPM - not yet
Kendo - sign up - 15th Feb sign up starts - have set calendar alarm - not yet 15th
CM - paint Talisman figures - undercoated white - done. Base colours - done.Shading and inking - done - protective coat - done.

Painting schedule - wait to get Jeremy's commision.


Jyggdrasil said...

16 Feb - Raise glass to absent friends on milestone birthday. ;)

YsambartCourtin said...

I might have a snow cone in your honour.

Jyggdrasil said...

Cool, but not if its yellow. Trust me, the yellow snow is uncool.