Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I often have the intention of writing blog posts. All about life, impressions, news and little anecdotes. I fail. Because I am so busy living life that I don't get around to writing it up!

Christmas - yay - International Turkey day was full of turkey and good food and good company.

Work shutdown - I planned cleaning, personal financial organising, socialising, SCA organising, minatures organising, getting back into exercise, and making miniatures stuff.  I ended up doing everything I wanted to, except making the miniatures stuff. I ended up doing a heap of painting as well, while re-watching Deadwood, Alias and band of Brothers boxed sets.

New years - 4 parties out of five. Sorry Blair! The order was Womble penthouse drinkies, ML lake party, Gnomes block party for the kickover to 2010, and then Woodstock-Zombies till 6am. Sweet!

Exercise experimentation paid off - I spent some time shooting hoops, alone and with flatmate Gunnar, and I found the location of the Canberra fitness trails. Well. I found all of the one around Lake Burley-Griffin that starts near the boat ramp. Womble and I found 3/9 of the stations of the ANU one, but suspect that some stations bits have been pulled up in the recent refurbishments.

It's been seven months since I was able to exercise to any intensity. I really missed it, and am so happy I'm back.

12th Night - Be there!

Cancon - Five confirmed palyers for Apoc, and several more possibles. 3 have returned from last year, two newcomers. It will ever increase :)

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