Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rowany MIC tracking.

Who's balliwick is regulating a metal weapons group that wants to do a demo at Festival?

So I'm Marshal in charge for Rowany. One of the things I like to do is put my tasks and thinking 'out loud' on the internet so I can track it with easy access, and others who care can help or correct me.

Email my volunteer marshals:

Heavy - done
Rapier - waiting P.
Archery - awaiting L.

Adverts - Final Heavy Timetable awaiting going up on Rowany

More webpage stuff - I'll grab a summary of how each tournament format works.

Pas d' Armes - written
Rowany Fighter Auction - to be done
Heraldic Melee - to be done

Stuff to make or source:
A Tree of Chivalry
'The object' - now 'the pot of gold' - made - now needs painting. Purchase Black primer.
The  border markers, made from the special mesh mat spikes.

Linky Linky:
Rowany Festival Site

Rowany Festival Marshal Site

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