Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Exercise- minor fail yesterday. I did ten minutes of touchwork  the bag, five light minutes on speed ball and an small empty bar weights session before work. Fail. The nerves in my left arm complained like crazy.

Jugger - I've been playing alittle of that crazy post apocalyptic boffer sport. It's silly, but good exercise and fun. http://www.jugger.org.au/

Cricket - Slow and steady. I've been batting down the order, and just fielding in slips. I'm enjoying the games, but annoyed by my low level of fitness.

Cancon - cancon was given a boost by the arrival of three 8x4 foot tables. My mega table for cancon is going to be cool... I also completed the strategy table - it's off beingchecked

Space Hulk - My copy of the new Space Hulk is now completely painted, genestealers and marines both. Not sure If I'll keep it or hoick it on ebay and see what I can get for it. Fully painted copies were going for $500 on ebay in the US.

Genestealer cult - painting has slowed, with the campaign delayed by the ANU gaming rooms being closed for exams. And because I have more than enough points painted.

Blood Angels-  painting is happening slowly but surely. Have found a nice power weapon colour scheme. Jump troops are no all undercoated. Trying a new five pass process on them.

SCA - still trying to russle up officer reports so I can do mine. Got the photos onto my drive so Bill can sort them.

Work - just got Windows 7 virtual machines and ordered the Windows 7 bible so I can work through it methodically.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day - sorted, with friends for both.

Van - very likely selling it. Was not utilizing it enough to be worth the expense/rego etc. Waiting on payment.

Movie - Looks like I'll be helping shoot a 'medieval feel' short movie. Pre production rolls along. Location scouting on the weekend

Ladies - don't ask me, I'm the last to know.

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